Tuesday 21 January 2020

Sweet Heart Valentine's Day Cocktail with Double Dutch Drinks

Love is in the air what with that special celebration of Valentine's Day just a few weeks around the corner. With decelerations of love being meticulously pre-planned, some people no doubt going to be getting engaged and lots lavished with cute tokens of affection, no matter what your relationship status is, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show those that you care about a little bit of love. ♥ If you're a single lady, then gather your girls and celebrate Galentine's Day together or if you're loved up and in a couple, go all out and celebrate in the style you both best enjoy, maybe that's going for a nice meal and a movie or perhaps you're more of a stay at home and have a cosy date night in, in which case, I have just the thing for you!

I've teamed up with the fabulous Double Dutch Drinks to bring you this ultimate Valentine's Day cocktail that is guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds and be the fruity flavour sensation you'll be mixing up time and time again! If you're extending your Dry January, then this is also perfect for you as the explosion of fruity flavours and new taste dimensions which are introduced by Double Dutch's all natural botanical mixers means that even without the shot of gin, this fruity drink is oh so refreshing, light and utterly delectable. So without further ado, let me show you how to create the most delightful Valentine's Day cocktail that you've ever tried!

Mix It Up with Double Dutch Drinks
If you're a fan of tonics with class, sophistication and truly marvellously innovative flavours, Double Dutch is what you need in your life! They have such a wide variety of different flavoured tonic waters and mixers, you'll be spoilt for choice and no doubt want to try them all out as they all have a delicate, botanical flavour that perfectly compliments any cocktail beverage which you should choose. I was sent a fabulous selection which includes their Ginger Beer, Indian Tonic Water (perfect if you like to keep your serves classic and minimalistic), Ginger Ale, Pomegranate and Basil, Cucumber and Watermelon (so crisp and refreshing), Cranberry and Ginger (warming and zingy!) and Double Lemon (lemonade but on a whole new level of delicious and refreshing!). You can read more about flavour pairings here.

For this cocktail, I opted for their Cranberry and Ginger Tonic Water as the mixer, as it is a refreshing, seductively flavoured drink with fantastic balance. The astringency of quinine compliments the sweet yet sour nature of cranberry harmoniously, creating a wonderful taste sensation. Paired with the soothing, warming flavour notes of ginger, this tonic has a spiciness with a tangy edge that when mixed together with the fresh berries, really helps to draw out their flavours and enhance their natural sweetness.

How to Mix the Sweet Heart Valentine's Day Cocktail

♥ You will need ♥
1 x gin glass
heart shaped ice cube mould

♥ Ingredients ♥
Heart shaped ice cubes
1 x shot of gin (you can use vodka or another spirit though if you prefer)
Small handful of fresh blueberries
A few raspberries
2 fresh strawberries
White sugar to adorn the edge of the glass with

1. Start by adding the white sugar crystals to the edge of the glass. I love to do this as although it's not strictly necessary, it adds a subtle sweetness when you take a sip, it looks fancy and at Valentine's Day it's time to really push the boat out!

2. Then add some of the fresh fruit and ice cubes carefully into the glass.

3. Follow this with 1 x shot of gin or any other spirit you prefer.

4. Add the rest of the fruit to the glass and add one of the strawberries to the edge of the glass as a garnish.

5. Now for some fizz! Pour over the Cranberry and Ginger Tonic Water by Double Dutch and revel in that delicious refreshing bubbly sound.  

6. Serve up immediately and make sure you've got plenty of Double Dutch premium mixers chilling in the fridge, as you'll no doubt be mixing up a few more of these, they're so delicious!

You can keep up to date will all that is happening at Double Dutch, including new flavour releases by following them on their social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too

So there we have my ultra fruity, sophisticated and delightful Valentine's Cocktail, mixed up with Double Dutch's premium mixer to take it to dizzy new heights of delectableness! Let me know if you will be recreating this tipple of your loved one this Valentine's Day or if the girls will be coming around and you'll be serving these up to all your friends! (Anyone who's lucky enough to be served this juicy treat will be delighted, do doubt about it!). Wishing you all a Valentine's Day filled with love, laughter and wonderful cocktails of course! Love, Bilgi   x

This blog feature is sponsored by Double Dutch Drinks. All views remain honest and my own.


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