Thursday 16 January 2020

'Berry Nice To Meet You' Valentine's Day Cocktail with Sutors Gin

Valentine's Day is in less than a month and with the season of declaring your love approaching steadily on the horizon, may that be professing it to your other half or to your girls if you're single and celebrating Galentine's Day, then I have got just the cocktail to cheers all that good positive energy! If you're a fan of luxurious, artisan gin and love an oh so fruity tipple, then this 'Berry Nice To Meet You' Valentine's Day cocktail made using Sutors Gin is the one for you no doubt about it. Read on for the recipe...♥

Sutors Gin: The Highlands, Distilled
If you are new to the wonderfully artisan Sutors Gin, then let me enlighten you with some facts. Sutors Gin is more than just a fantastic product. It is an expression of place, from the fields which grow their grain, to the mountains that are the place where their juniper berries have grown for centuries, to the beaches where many of their botanicals like sea buckthorn, grow, Sutors have a passion for both the landscape and gin, so for them combining the two comes naturally.   

As their botanicals are present on the Scottish Highlands and beaches, they are hand foraged, ensuring that only the best are selected for their gin. This care and attention to detail is what helps to secure that the taste of Sutors Gin is not only completely excellent and smooth, it is also incredibly unique and a true artisan product that stands apart from so many others. For example, their Juniper berries are carefully chosen and tested from different bushes to identify which are the most suitable for use. The process of foraging for the top quality ingredients is also something which cannot be rushed. The berries are always harvested at their most ripe. Like they say, you can't rush art. The flavours from the foraged botanicals are then carefully added to the gin through vapour infusion, the science behind the flavour magic!

Becoming The Best Tastes Good
Sutors Gin is brought up to its optimal strength using filtered Highland Water. The final product is sweet and creamy with cereal notes. This base of key tasting notes opens up to flavours of rosemary, aniseed and cucumber freshness. The perfect combination which creates a wonderfully balanced and well rounded spirit. You can read more about Sutors Gin's Taste here.

The Perfect Location
Sutors Gin is located just above the rich agricultural coastal plain on the North Sutor. Surrounded by gently swaying fields of Barley which are slowly ripening in the Northern sun, this clean, crisp, natural essence transcends beyond this idyllic landscape and is perfectly converted into their product and reflected in its zesty, smooth, clean and sweet flavour.

Sutors have true passion for gin and the level of care and attention to detail at each and every step of the distillation process is a key part of what makes their product so sought after and highly esteemed. They use local grain to make their base spirit and this grain is malted to the highest standard in order to make this a fantastic start to the gin. Quality is always at the forefront and that's clear once you taste their spirit for yourself.  

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- Mixology In The Making -
The 'Berry Nice To Meet You' Valentine's Day Cocktail with Sutors Gin
Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love that you have in your life in whatever form that may be and this cocktail is a perfect serve to do just that! This is what you require to craft this wonderful seasonal tipple for yourself and of course your loved one / friends / girl group.

You will need
A gin glass
2 x shots of Sutors Gin - you can shop their gin online here
Ice cubes (I've used heart shaped ones because I like them fancy!)
A few fresh raspberries
3 fresh strawberries (1 to be a side of glass garnish)
Sugar to adorn the edge of the glass for a subtle sweetness
A few fresh blueberries
Tonic water for added spritz

A cocktail stirrer

How To Mix The Perfect Serve
1. Start by adding the sugar to the edge of the glass.

2. Then carefully add your ice cubes to the glass.

3. Once they are added, go ahead and add two shots of Sutors Gin. Now things are getting good!

4. Add in the fresh fruits and then top up with tonic water.

5. Swirl with a cocktail stirrer.

6. Finish off your cocktail masterpiece by adding a fresh strawberry onto the edge of the glass and voila, your cocktail is complete! Serve up immediately and then go and make some more!

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So there we have my 'Berry Nice To Meet You' Valentine's Day Cocktail with Sutors Gin. What do you think of the fruity flavours I've used to compliment their fresh and sweet spirit? Will you be stirring up this fruity delight for you and your loved one this Valentine's Day? Be sure to let me know. Wishing you all a love filled Valentine's Day and indeed 2020! Cheers to that! Love, Bilgi   x

This blog post is sponsored by Sutors Gin. All views remain honest and my own.


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