Friday 16 March 2018

How Technology Is Changing The Face of Fashion

Today fashion is streets apart from how it was organised even a decade ago. With the majority of stores selling online and our shopping trips never needing to end when the physical stores close as we can now browse full collections online, the way fashion is organised and trends set is hugely to do with what we see over on Instagram and other social media platforms, not just from flicking through a monthly magazine. Fashion, design and advertising are hugely exciting areas to work in, so it's no wonder that so many young people today choose to go into digital design for their further study to enhance their career prospects in this particular field. Cleveland College of Art and Design offers a digital design degree which enables people who are wanting to go into design the opportunity to gain the vital skills which they will need to be successful in the fashion industry and help creatively minded people run successful advertising campaigns for brands.

The Cyber Shopping Experience - How Technology is shaping the way we spend
According to research which was conducted by The Leverage Way, 74% of people place their trust in social networks for help and guidance when it comes to making purchasing decisions. With three in four people looking to their friends, family members and social influences to guide their shopping experience, it is clear that what we see online today truly moulds our choices and has had a significant impact upon what fashions we see and which trends we decide we would like to follow.
With technology playing such a big part in almost all of our decisions today and being a feature of most people's lives on an almost hourly basis, it only makes sense to protect it from damage. TORRO Cases have a great range of high-quality iPhone cases which are perfect for protecting your technology from being scratched or getting a damaged screen which can significantly impact how useable a device is. 

The Smart Gadgets Changing The Face of Fashion
I think it was only last year that contactless payments started to be a 'thing' and I don't know about you, but it always kind of feels like you haven't actually spent that much when you just have to flash the plastic and your transaction is completed in a matter of moments. You can get bPay accessories which can add a bit of extra fun to the shopping experience here.

You can also now get bespoke smart jewellery and accessories made out of semi-precious stones which can alert you to notifications across social media, as well as doubling as a fitness gadget which can monitor you activity too! You can check out the Ringly rings range online here. Similarly, the Samsung Gear S3 Watch and the Fitbit Alta HR are multi-purpose and can receive your digital data and monitor you fitness and physical activity directly and send you alerts. Click here to check the Samsung Gear S3 watch and here to find out more about The Fitbit Alta HR.

Taking things to a whole different level are the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE shoes. With built in fitness tracker which is built in to the sole of the shoe and the data can then be downloaded onto a compatible app via wireless Bluetooth technology. Check out the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE shoes here.

How else do you think today's advanced technology has moulded fashion and the trends of today? Which smart fashion gadgets have you tried out before? Let me know! Bilgi   x
This blog post contains sponsored content from Cleveland College of Art and Design and TORRO Cases. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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