Saturday 17 December 2016

The Ultimate Winter Coat Edit

So it's officially cold now. Christmas is in 8 days time (so exciting because as we all know, it's the best time of the year!) and it is of course winter coat season. I think each year, everyone should invest in a new winter coat because it's going to be the staple of your wardrobe for the next 3-5 months if you're in the UK, let's be honest! This year I have opted for a really snazzy coat because amidst all the grey weather and chilly days, a pop of colour goes a long way in my books. My coat in is berry red faux fur and is from Tophop. Needless to say, I love it and it feels amazingly soft and warm. I just wore a t-shirt underneath it today because it is so fluffy loads of additional layers weren't necessary.

My boots are also a great Topshop purchase and as we all know, black boots match so many things so effortlessly and always look sleek. These particular boots have a heel which I like but I know some people find difficult to walk in. I've had a lot of practise so I'm fine with that, but flats or over the knee riding boots (something that's on my wish list at the moment) would also look really good in my opinion.
Have you chosen a winter coat yet this season? Where did you choose to shop for it? Bilgi x 


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