Thursday 2 January 2020

My January Winter Skincare & Beauty Must Haves

Happy New Year everyone! Officially into the year of 2020 and with it a brand new decade for us to embrace and create of it what we truly want! If beautiful skin is something that you desire in 2020, then you have landed in the perfect place. Winter's skincare isn't something I take too lightly, as I am absolutely of the opinion that in the harsher weather, our skin needs to be a top priority in order for it to maintain a lustrous and healthy appearance. The cold weather and inevitable frosty, snowy days that the UK sees are beautiful but can cause all kinds of skin issues from making it feel dry to even aging it if it isn't properly nurtured with deep hydration. So today, let me know you a few of my January favourites that I can guarantee will help to support your skin through the chilly month of January. And if you decide to go ahead and purchase any of these, you'll be delighted that you tried them out for yourself as no doubt you'll have found a new daily skincare and beauty regime staple.

Toning Time: Moisture before Moisturiser with PHB Ethical Beauty
I always use toner and PHB Ethical beauty, a vegan, organic and cruelty-free skincare brand, have a fabulous range of different toners which you can use depending upon both your skin type and of course your sin's requirements. I have been trying out their Gentle Rose Water and their Balance Skin Tonic and the result have been wonderful.

To begin with, rose is a highly luxurious natural oil and when used in a rose water toner, this 100% natural ingredient is a dream. Made using pure rose petals, this ethical and organic product is soothing and can be used on all skin types including sensitive and eczema prone skin. To get all historical, rose water was used for thousands of years and is an ancient beauty elixir. What's great about it is that it both cleanses and hydrates for soft radiant skin. It helps balance oil secretions, regulate pH levels and tighten pores. Rose water softens and conditions the sin. The delicate scent soothes and refreshes the senses and calms the mind too, so consider this skincare and aromatherapy combined!

If you didn't see it, you can read this post which I exclusively wrote about PHB Ethical Beauty in:
 The Balance Skin Tonic is a little different and is specifically formulated and created for those with oily skin, blemishes or acne. Similarly though, it is able to both tone and hydrate to balance the skin as its name suggests. Lavender water cools, softens and nourishes the skin while soothing redness and irritation. The delicate scent of lavender also calms all the senses. Salicylic acid gently exfoliates the skin. It helps to cleanse congested skin excess oils and it has astringent properties which help to minimise pores.

Skincare of Dreams from Fushi Wellbeing
From Fushi Wellbeing, I have been trying out their Shea Butter which is best for skin soothing and natural healing and their Lip Botanicals Hydra Intense Lipbalm. We all know how dry lips can get in the cold weather so this has been a product I have been loving.

The HYDRA Intense Lip Botanicals has castor oil, Mur Murr and Ghee in it and it is intensively hydrating and generously packed with pure luxuriant butters and oils including Moringa and Baobab for intense moisturising action. Applied whenever your lips feel dry or in need of a boost, this is a formula you can rely on.

The Shea Butter by Fushi is also amazing and you can even use it sparingly in your hair to nourish the ends. 100% pure and organic, Fushi's butters are all freshly handmade.

To use it, you simply take a small amount in your hands until it warms and turns to oil. You can then massage into the skin or hair if preferred. It's best used on slightly damp skin too, as this helps the shea butter to effectively lock in moisture. Shop the Organic Shea Butter here.

Just thinking about all the skincare I need to try out this year

So there you have my January favourites for beauty and skincare! Do let me know if you try any of these out for yourself and how you get along with them! To a fabulous 2020! Love, Bilgi   x

This blog post contains gifted items. All views remain honest and my own.

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