Tuesday 28 January 2020

Cupid's Bow Pink Haze Valentine's Day Cocktail with Fordington Gin

Hands up if you already feel like 2020 is flying over at approximately 2000000 miles a minute, because literally same! I feel like a moment ago it was the festive season and I've blinked and I'm now in the midst of Valentine's Day preparations, but I've got to say I am loving this! I adore a season of celebration and Valentine's Day is no exception. What could be sweeter than a declaration of love to that special someone?! If you're single this Valentine's Day, it's a wonderful opportunity to gather your girls around and celebrate the amazing caring friendships full of fun, support and laughter that you have too and get the Galentine's Day celebrations in full swing!

No Valentine's Day would be complete without a bit of a pink hazy ambiance, may that be from a romantic mood and all the "feels", or simply a delectable fruity tipple and that's where today's post comes in. I have teamed up with Fordington Gin, a premium Dorset based company who create a wonderful mix of artisan spirits that you will want to add to your liquor cabinet and try out to impress your Valentine this February! They craft excellent British Gin with a unique blend of botanicals which have been carefully sourced. Fordington have created a variety of gentle yet totally distinct variations to tantalise the taste buds and to say you'll have found yourself a new favourite drink is a little psychic reading for you!

It's All in The Blend
Fordington uses juniper (a key ingredient in gin making), star anise (renowned for its aniseed flavour) and lemon balm to create their classic flavour. Their brand is rooted firmly in botanical heritage and draws together a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and an intense curiosity for the unusual, resonating with the truly modern artisan company which they are. They have innovation and top quality craft at their heart. 

As this is Valentine's Day we're talking about here, I was sent over Fordington's beautiful English Rose gin as well as their totally seasonally fitting Cupid's Bow gin, which is beautifully flavoured with strawberry, hibiscus and vanilla for a subtle, smoothness and irresistibly romantic sweetness too. Both of these dreamy creations are innovatively different and delicately flavoured so that you can appreciate the skilled craft that is gin distilling.

Their English Rose Gin is a floral, aromatic infusion with a delicate pink hue that is honestly so pretty and feminine. It's gentle yet sophisticated flavour is perfectly balanced by adding cardamon for a few seconds to add an additional flavour dimension, or if you're feeling fruity, then a mixture of raspberries, strawberries and plump fresh cherries is a sure fire winner each and every time. (The fruity notes compliment yet contrast against the floral notes of rose, which is sweet, clean and delicious on the palate.) Shop the Fordington Gin English Rose Gin online here.

The Cupid's Bow Gin is a true flavour sensation. Strawberry, a personal favourite flavour of mine, when carefully blended with exotic hibiscus and sensual vanilla is a perfectly balanced drink that can simply be poured over ice and enjoyed in its purest form, or enhanced even further with tonic and a selection of berries and cherries for added edge, tang and fruitiness! Shop it here.

Dorset: The Home of Truly Wonderful Drinks and Food
The unparalleled natural beauty of Dorset and its scenic nature have provided the perfect lands for the creation of some of the UK's most highly esteemed food and drinks to be produced. From the rolling green hills to the beautiful Jurassic Coastline, Fordington Gin is at home in such a beautiful county and this setting simply enhances the magic of their delightful products which are always made with passion, care and attention to detail.  

I've used Fordington's Cupid's Bow Gin to create this Valentine's Day themed cocktail, as its sweet and delicious flavours are so fitting for this romantic time of the year. I have mixed it together with a concoction of other diverse and delicious ingredients to bring you what is one of the most sumptuous cocktails I've created! Read on for more...♥ 

♥You Will Need♥
1 x gin glass
cocktail stirrer / shaker (optional)

♥Recipe Ingredients♥
1 shot of Fordington Gin's Cupid's Bow Gin - You can shop it online on Fordington's site here
Love heart shaped ice cubes
350ml of cranberry juice
3 fresh strawberries
5 fresh raspberries
1 sprig of fresh aromatic mint leaves
white sugar crystals to adorn the edge of the gin glass

♥ How To Mix ♥
1. Start by adding the white sugar crystals to the edge of the glass, along with a fresh strawberry and then follow this by adding the heart shaped ice cubes and some of the fresh berries to the gin glass. Allow to sit and steep for a minute for the flavours to amalgamate.

2. Now add 1 x shot of Fordington Gin's Cupid's Bow Gin.

3. Top up with the sweet and tangy cranberry juice. (Mixology tip: If you really want to add a new flavour dimension, you can add a splash of rich pomegranate juice!)

4. Add any of the remaining fruit to the glass and swirl together gently with the cocktail stirrer.

5. Add some fresh mint leaves for aroma and aesthetics and voila, you've just created the most delicious cocktail! Serve immediately and create another (for quality control purposes naturally!).

- Sugar and Fruits. The Valentine's Day cocktail combination made in heaven. -

Have you tried Fordington Gin before? You can read all about their fabulous brand here.

You can follow Fordington Gin and keep up to date with all that is happening with them by connecting over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as the Fordington Gin website

So there you have my Cupid's Bow Pink Haze Valentine's Day Cocktail with Fordington Gin, made using their Cupid's Bow Gin which you can easily shop here. Will you be mixing this treat up for your other half this February or making drinks for all of the girls as you celebrate the Galentine's season in style? Be sure to let me know! Wishing you all a love fuelled Valentine's Day! Kisses, Bilgi xx

This blog post is sponsored by Fordington Gin. All views are honest and my own.

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