Monday 3 February 2020

Avva Scottish Gin Mixology: The Colour Changing Love Machine Cocktail

We are officially into the wonderful, love filled month of February and what a month this is set to be. Not only is Valentine's Day just around the corner, the inevitable snow that this month is famed for here in the UK is unmistakably one of the most romantic things. Think being cozied up with your loved one or having a fun girly night in with your besties if you're single this Valentine's Day, all of you enjoying a tipple (or two, I mean it's a celebration so you can treat yourself, am I right or am I right?!...) as the flurries fall gently outside. No matter how you're spending February the 14th, I have one marvellous thing which you're going to want to have included in this special day! I have mixed many a cocktail before, but today marks a very special and unique occasion, as this cocktail, made with Avva Scottish Gin's incredible BLINK gin which is truly one of a kind as it starts off blue, but when you add in your mixer, it magically turns pink so you're final result is a glass of pink gin! How utterly amazing is that?! So if you're looking to wow that special someone, this is undoubtedly the drink to serve them. Better still, mix it in front of them and let them witness the colour changing magic first hand! Read on for the full cocktail recipe and how to...

Top Quality Scottish Gin
Avva Scottish Gin is an artisan company established by the talented Jill Brown and they are perfectly located in the picturesque cathedral city of Elgin. Their products are dutifully handcrafted and distilled in small batches in Jessie-Jean (that's the name of their copper still!), to ensure that the finest, most high quality product is produced and as they always use locally sourced botanical ingredients from Speyside, it's easy to see how they produce such wonderfully unique and delicious gin, time and time again.

The name of the company is also steeped in meaning. "Avva" means respected female elder or Grandmother in the Indian language of Dravidian. It is therefore fitting that the copper still is named after Jill's two Grandmothers too. A lovely, family-orientated touch that shows the true character and heart behind this wonderful brand.

All in the Design
It's not just the gin that has deep set Scottish roots. Even the design of the label has taken inspiration from the Rose and arched windows of Elgin Cathedral. Their attention to detail is part of the reason they create such incredible and stand out products, unlike anything else you can get on the market.

Locally Sourced Botanicals
The locally sourced botanicals which make up their gin include nettle, rowan, red clover, dandelion and mint. 

Heart and passion is at the core of everything which Avva Scottish Gin do. Their gin creation process is full of love and respect for an age old tradition and art form which is artisan gin distilling.

To mix up this gin-tastic delight, just follow my guide below:-

You Will Need
1 x Gin glass
Cocktail stirrer (optional)

1 shot of Avva Scottish Gin's BLINK Scottish Gin - Shop this here on Avva Scottish Gin's website
3 fresh strawberries (2 for the drink and one as a side of glass garnish)
A few fresh blueberries
1 fresh cherry to infuse in the gin
Heart shaped ice ♡
Sugar for the edge of the glass
350ml of mixer (I've used tonic water)

How to Mix
1. Start by adding the sugar to the edge of the glass and one of the sliced strawberries to the glass and one as a garnish too, and then follow this with a few heart shaped ice cubes.

2. Now add in the blueberries and more ice. (Doing it in stages helps to create a more delicately layered and balanced glass.)

3. Now add in 1 x shot of Avva Scottish Gin's BLINK Scottish Gin. The gin should pour out in a light blue shade. Very beautiful indeed.

4. Tonic at the ready as things are about to get funky! As you carefully pour over the fizzy tonic, you'll notice that the gin magically transforms from a cool blue hue to a pretty pastel pink colour, as the bubbles intermingle and swirl together with the gin and fruits already in the glass. It's amazing and anybody who loves a bit of showmanship is going to LOVE this!

5. Finish off the drink by adding additional ice and swirling the gin and tonic together so that the flavours from the gin itself and the fruit beautifully emulsify and get to know one another!

6. Serve up to your guest and be sure to quickly whip one up for yourself too. They're such a treat that you'll undoubtedly be making a few, as one is never enough! Cheers! ♡

~ Feeling Fruity! ~

You can keep up to date with all things Avva Scottish Gin related, including new releases and gin events over on their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

So there you have one of the most splendid cocktails which you could possibly create for Valentine's Day! It's fruity, fresh and adds a bit of romance to the ambiance by changing perfectly from blue to pink! (It's amazing!). Have you ever seen a drink like this before? Will you be buying a bottle and impressing your other half / friends with it's mastery this February? Be sure to let me know! Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with laughter and love! Kisses, Bilgi    xxx 

This blog post is sponsored by Avva Scottish Gin. All views remain honest and my own.

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