Monday 13 April 2020

The Ultimate Self-Care Selection from Tropic Skincare

Hello my lovelies and a very warm welcome to another fab beauty and skincare blog feature. Today's post is exclusively about one of my absolute favourite skincare and beauty brands, Tropic Skincare. If you've been reading Coconut Couture for a while now then you'll already know that I literally adore Tropic and their wonderful vegan range of products. From their wonderful and highly effective skincare to their refillable makeup pallets, concealer and beautiful lipsticks, I love this brand and quite literally every product which I have tried from them. Today's feature is a self-care beauty and skincare post as I was very kindly sent out a wonderful selection of products that promise to help you truly unwind and also keep your skin looking and feeling its very best. So go and grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea and let me talk you through some amazing skincare treats you'll want to try out for yourself!

New from Tropic Skincare is their innovative Clear Skies cleansing powder. This fabulous new product is totally different from other cleansers in that you take about half a teaspoon of the powder and when activated with a small amount of water, it turns into a highly effective cleanser, ideal for use after you have already removed your makeup using their Smoothing Cleanser. This is perfect for anyone who has particularly oily or combination skin, or a blemish-prone complexion. When partnered with the Pure Lagoon blemish prevention serum, skin can happily enjoy a cloudless day, feeling deeply cleansed, purified and take care of!


I love a good moisturiser for the body and the Whipped Body Velvet is one of my favourites! I love how soft it leaves my skin feeling as well as how deliciously sweet it smells too. It melts from being the texture of a whipped frosting into being a rich butter which nourishes the skin and leaves it both looking and feeling its very best. I love how fluffy its texture is - it is 100% a wonderful, decadent skincare step that is a dream for dry skin.

I also received this book in my bundle which is all about how to show yourself some TLC and self-care. The perfect lockdown read for when you're in need of channelling positivity back into your own life and re-harnessing the power to think positively.

The Elixir Age-Defying Omega Oil is a skincare wonder for adding back in vitality, nourishment and all important hydration into skin that is lacking its usual lustre. It is packed with essential oils which when applied to the face and body help to even out the skin tone and help to also provide a smoother, youthful and more radiant complexion in a matter of weeks!

Shop the Elixir Age-Defying Omega Oil here - £24.00

Of course we have all been washing our hands more recently so I was super happy to receive Tropic's Unwind Hand Creambalm. This is honestly such a lovely product and a total hero for hands which are super tired and tried out. It provides a powerful moisture hit which instantly acts to soothe, nourish and revitalise the skin to restore it to its usual smooth and supple state.

It's What's Inside That Counts
The indulgent plant butters and nut oils which make this up help it to be the decadent skincare treat that hands really deserve, especially when they've been through a lot of washing which naturally strips the skin of its moisture. The carefully selected essential oils which make them up are also a form of gentle aromatherapy and are therefore mood enhancing which is a really important thing as being locked in at home can eventually really take its toll and play emotional havoc. The calming blend is like a soothing comforter which promotes feelings of well-being and serenity, both helpful for inducing inner peace and tranquillity. Their hand creambalms come in 3 different scents too. Mine here is in the Unwind variety.  Shop the hand creambalm by Tropic Skincare here.

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Who else adores a new facemask?! I love treating myself to a facial at home, and a great quality facemask is the perfect way to do exactly that! The Clear Skin and Deep Hydration facemasks by Tropic are two of my favourites and both work differently to combat different skin concerns.

The Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask works to control sebum levels in the skin and combat breakouts and unwanted pesky spots. It also helps to reduce redness. Packed with all sorts of amazing skin supporting goodies like green clay white willow and ginger root, to help purify the skin, it's a must-have if your complexion is prone to a blemish or two.

The Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling facemask is a must try if your skin is in need of a moisturising boost. This creamy gel mask which is formulated with antioxidant rich Australian super berries soothes and nourishes dry and irritated complexions. It also smells incredible! You can shop the Tropic Skincare Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask here.

Finally, I have got to tell you about their So Sleepy pillow mist which is a hero product for anyone who needs to have additional Zen adding to their evenings to help them drift off into a peaceful and tranquil sleep. With 7 essential oils including lavender, chamomile and frankincense in this delicate blend, a restful night's slumber is only a spritz away! I love pillow mists as they just add such an amazing aroma to the whole room before sleep which really does make all the difference to your level of inner composure and mindfulness.  You can shop the So Sleepy Pillow Mist online here.

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So there you have my a review of the truly delightful self-care bundled which I was so kindly sent by Tropic Skincare. These lovely treats are certainly helping to make my quarantine time all the more relaxing and I'll no doubt be emerging from the lockdown with a 'glow up'! Which of these lovely products do you most love the sound of and which ones would you love to try out for yourself? Be sure to let me know! Stay safe and well everyone, and please remember to show yourself some self-care. Love, Bilgi   x

This blog feature contains PR samples from Tropic Skincare. All views are honest and my own.


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