Saturday 26 October 2019

New for AW19: Tropic Skincare 'Glow Berry' &' Rainforest Dew' Serums Review

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year for a few different reasons. The unmistakable crispness in the air, latte breaks whilst embarking upon early Christmas shopping (the 'gift research' stage as I call it) and being cosy at home, huddled under the weight of 5 different layers of fleece-based clothing whilst watching the rain pour down outside and wondering when it will inevitably turn into soft flakes of white snow all count as some of my favourite little Autumn occurrences. The chill weather may add to Autumn's allure for me, but my skin isn't such a fan and that's when I turn to hydrating and brightening skincare products to save the day. 

If you're a regular reader on Coconut Couture then you'll know that I am particularly fond of those companies who can deliver sustainable, natural products which nourish skin with essential oils, extracts and basically all things sustainably and naturally sourced. It's better for the planet and it's also better for you.

Tropic Skincare's products are carefully balanced and enriched with the most nutritious botanical actives found in tropical climates. Their ethos and motto is simply that they believe in 'good for you' and they believe skincare should be pure, honest and effective. Their two latest skincare launches are set to rejuvenate my skincare routine this AW19. Two wonderful serums have joined the collection and both promise to deliver true skincare goodness and they are the 'Rainforest Dew' hydration serum and the 'Glow Berry' brightening serum. These skincare powerhouses are set to revolutionise any complexion that they grace, so let me tell you more about these skincare heroes...

My delivery from Tropic Skincare also included some eco tools including sustainable wooden cutlery, a metal eco-chic water bottle with their classic tropical leaf print design which I love and some vegan gummy sweets too! By limiting our unnecessary plastic usage, we will be helping to combat one of the biggest issues that the environment is facing and reducing our carbon footprint by simply filling up a bottle at home and having cutlery packed instead of buying into more plastic packaged products that so often end up in landfill.

Glow Berry
Let's kick things off with the Glow Berry brightening serum and say hello to the bright side of skincare. Unlike the weather, your skin need never look dull when you use this super serum ,as it is clinically proven to assist in the creation of a more radiant, youthful complexion.

It includes advanced, stable vitamin C with supercharged natural extracts which helps reduce the appearance of any dark spots (these are typically caused by sun exposure, so ALWAYS wear SPF on your face! I'm a factor 50 girl all year round!) and leave you glowing with youth.

Of course, there's a whole cocktail of plant based goodness jam packed into this bottle and antioxidant-rich Australian super berries which prevent free radical damage and also boost collagen production in the skin are one of those fantastic ingredients. The serum also contains 1% tranexamic acid to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and soothing kangaroo paw flower extract.

It's In The Science
According to an independent clinical study, if used over a course of 28 days, Glow Berry serum successfully reduced the appearance of dark spots by 20%, improved the skin's elasticity and reduced wrinkle depth. This is all whilst also showing a massive 65% improvement in the evenness and radiance of the complexion.

It's Good To Be Chill
The fridge isn't just a room for snacks ya know! Due to the fact Glow Berry has so many potent natural ingredients in it, it needs to be refrigerated to remain powerful, so get a special shelf ready for your beauty pieces. (I have!)

Rainforest Dew
Onto Rainforest Dew which is Tropic's new hydration serum which is full of plant extracts to help enrobe your skin with maximum hydration to achieve that dewy, youthful look.

Most of you will have heard a lot about hyaluronic acid this year as it has burst onto the skincare scene and is an essential ingredient in products which promise to lock in moisture. Multi-molecular weights of it replenish the skin in Rainforest Dew by innovatively absorbing environmental moisture throughout the day! (This is the first skincare product which I have heard of to be able to do this, it sounds magic!). The different molecule sizes mean that the moisture can penetrate deep into the skin for long lasting hydration. (An independent clinical study found that in 7 days, the skin's hydration increased by 46% and redness was reduced by 22%, even on sensitive skin.)

Protect Your Skin Under A Canopy of Green Goodness
This lightweight serum acts as a comforting veil thanks to evergreen fern and matcha green tea extracts that soothe irritation or skin inflammation. They also effectively reduce the appearance of any redness. Advanced plant peptides mimic the skin's epidermal growth factors to encourage cellular renewal and boost elasticity. This is a sure way to quite literally bring the spring back to your skin!

Flying High
Cosy loungewear? Check. Airport photo snapped? Check. Book and phrase book for the journey? Check. Rainforest Dew? Check. As it has the power to lock in moisture, this is actually a fantastic product to use in-flight to maintain the skin's hydration. It's available in a small travel-friendly size in Tropic's Skincare Discovery Kit.
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So there you have it. A comprehensive review of all the things you need to know about Tropic's latest serum launches. Which one do you think would suit your skin type best and will you be trying them out this Autumn / Winter? Let me know! Bilgi   x

This post contains PR samples. All views remain honest and my own.

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