Tuesday 25 September 2018

Beauty Collection Essential: Tamanu Healing Balm from Tropic Skincare

Today I am sharing a beauty blog post on one of my all time favourite vegan and all-natural brands, Tropic Skincare. If you're a regular reader, then you'll already know this as you'll have recently read my 'Botanical Beauty Bliss with Tropic Skincare' post where I was chatting about the Smoothing Cleanser and Clear Skin mask. If you've not read it yet, you can check it out here. The product in the beauty spotlight today is the Tamanu Healing Balm, aka a skincare saviour! This multi-purpose balm is naturally enriched with an array of carefully selected oils, is perfectly adapted to care for scarring and damaged skin. It is so versatile and multi-purpose that it can be used on anything and everything from acne scars, dry skin, new stretch marks and everything in between.

Tamanu, also known as 'Green Gold' is used in the product and is a herbal ingredient which has been long trusted by the people of the Polynesian islands to aid skin renewal. It makes up 28% of the balm and is the hero ingredient which has the capacity to promote healing and the growth of healthy tissue following skin damage. The balm is a blend of monoi (which is Tiare Flower infused coconut oil), cranberry seed oil and cocoa butters which are soothing and naturally hydrating of course. With the addition of anti-oxidant rich blackcurrant extract and raspberry seed oils, the balm is an amalgamation of skin super foods which deliver the results they promise. The balm is used by simply applying liberally to the skin which requires it and that's that. The natural ingredients get to work and leave the skin soothed, calmed, nourished and deeply hydrated too.

A few other things the Tamanu Healing Balm can be used for:-
Soothing sore skin from psoriasis or eczema while also promoting the skin's recovery.
Dabbed onto blemishes to reduce redness and inflammation overnight.
Applied to the skin when pregnant to help minimise the chance of stretch marks and reduce the appearance of any too.
Relieving irritation from bug bites.
To nourish and condition chapped lips.
Soothe over sunburn to reduce redness and accelerate the skin's natural recovery process.
Moisturise patches of dry skin.

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Skin hero in the palm of your hand

Have you heard of Tamanu before and its skin healing properties? Have you tried any of the Tropic Skincare range yet? Be sure to let me know if you have or if you are going to! Bilgi   x
This blog post contains a PR sample from Tropic Skincare. All views and opinions remain honest and my own. 

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