Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Ultimate Luxury Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it is time to treat our Mums to some stunning gifts to say a big thank you for always being there for us. If you're currently looking for some gift inspo, then I have the perfect thing for you right here! I have put together the Ultimate Luxury Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2019 ft. my absolute favourite brands and some of my favourite things from their collections, guaranteed to put a smile on her face! Now without further ado let's get straight into it as there's shopping to be done at the end of this post!...
Norvell Tan - Venetian Range
Okay if you know me then you'll know that I really like the Norvell range when it comes to getting my glow on. It's used on Strictly (all the validation you need for a tan being 'on fleek' and it looks incredible. It's my favourite tanning brand and Mums will love it just as much as anyone! The Venetian range I have here is in a aerosol spray, mousse and also a facial tanning mist form, so you can glow all over and can select the application method which you prefer most. I like to use a mitt as it goes on really evenly and the colour is sublome. Think 3 week abroad! If you'd be interested in a pre-summer tan routine feature, be sure to let me know in the comments or on my Instagram here.
- The Norvell Venetian Tan collection -

S5 Skincare
Skincare is arguably more important that your makeup routine. *beauty lovers gasp* You have to give your skin lots of care and attention for it to look good and feel good too. Simple. S5 Skincare have two incredible products which target specific skincare concerns and are packed with incredible, natural ingredients that boosts skin's health and radiance to put it in tip top condition.
I was kindly sent over the Calm Serum and the Purity Serum too. Wow. Honestly these are incredible products. The Calm Serum which you can shop here is specifically designed to tackle redness and reduce this so that skin tone is more even and perfected without makeup. Some of the all natural skincare magic which this is made from is:-
Northern Truffle which reduces the appearance of irritation and redness.

Desert Glycoproteins which soothe skin stress and reduce the appearance of roughness.

Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates, soothes and plumps up the appearance of wrinkles.

Basically this is all the good stuff you need for a naturally beautiful complexion. You apply this before your moisturiser or before you add another S5 Serum to your skin. It works really well in conjunction with other products and it is a wonderful step in your skincare routine that will honestly transform your complexion. For beauty aficionados, these products are a must try!

 Calm Serum - £52.00

The Purity Serum is a powerhouse of anti-blemish, bioactive ingredients which cleanse the skin to prevent harmful, blemish causing bacteria to cause any issues. Breakouts happen but they don't need to be happening all that often if you really cleanse and nourish your skin with products which actually tackle the main cause of them. The Purity Serum includes:-

A targeted blemish control serum designed for skin prone to blemishes and open pores.

Rainforest Copaiba, Andiroba and Acai to reduce the appearance of blemishes and balance oil.

Alpine Epilobium which balances oil production and reduces the appearance of pores.

Willow Bark which clarifies congested pores and boosts exfoliation. 
All of the ingredients in the full S5 Skincare range are sourced naturally and contain ingredients which are from harsh natural environments including the dessert, arctic, marine, high-altitude and rainforest, so they have powerful skincare properties which make them a wonder for the complexion. Mums will adore something from this range for Mother's Day as it's unique, luxurious and a complete beauty essential for radiant skin!
Beenigma - All In One Face Cream 
All the way from New Zealand, Beenigma is an innovative company who product bee venom based skincare products. The Beenigma All in One Face Cream is a premium product which promises the user beautifully soft, smooth skin naturally. With bee venom, shea butter and Manuka honey (an ingredient which doubles as a superfood and skincare wonder! Incredible, right?!), it is a high-end, luxury product but the results speak for themselves. If your Mum is hard to buy for, this is a wonderful choice as it is a unique product which is also guaranteed to deliver a host of skin beneficial ingredients that show their worth through the results. (aka a flawless complexion!). The reviews over on their website speak volumes for this product too!

$100 AUD - Beenigma All In One Face Cream

Containing Purified New Zealand Bee Venom which causes the skin to act as if it has been very lightly stung, increasing the production of wrinkle-smoothing collagen and elastin, the result is an anti-aging and rejuvenating effect that you can see and feel. Beenimga One also includes 20+ Manuka Honey, Natural Proteins, Peptides, Amino acids and key Enzymes. All of these ingredients work together to leave skin both looking and feeling radiant and youthful. Plus it smells amazing! Check out Beenigma on Instagram here.
Taylor Benfield
If you know me, then you'll know I'm all about the 'Hygge'. For anyone who doesn't know what Hygge is, it's a Danish way of living which is about having togetherness and a calm, positive, warm, cosy atmosphere in your home. Truly lovely and a fab way to get that inner Zen. I find that a candle really draws the energies of a room together too. This Floral and Ginger scent is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Honestly, it is. Light for pure aromatherapy bliss. 
"Our luxury scented Floral and Ginger candles are inspired by the hills of Kefalonia, the countryside of Provence, the rugged coastlines of Croatia and the Cinque Terre, along with the botanical gardens in Hong Kong, where beautiful flowers of so many varieties thrive and grow.  They remind us of the delicate flowers that flourish across the world and the divine scents they bestow, balanced by the scent of ginger.  This luxury scented home candle, beautifully packaged in white matte glass, will be a perfect addition to any home."
Head Notes - White Lily, Orchid
Head Notes - Green Florals, Rose, Magnolia
Base Notes - Ginger, Nutmeg 


Nourishing your hair is essential. I have lots of lovely haircare which I like to alternate using to mix it up, but time and time again I reach for Schwarzkopf so as I would use it on myself, I would also gift it to my Mum as I know these products work perfectly and deliver those all important haircare results, namely an incredible shine and super soft, silky feel.
If you're thinking of getting your Mum some haircare goodies so she can do a DIY salon style treatment and styling session, I would highly recommend the Got2Be Oh My Nude range. This has just recently come out and the products are gentle but really effective. I love the lightweight foam spray, Oh-So Natural spray and Detangling Spray as they each help to smooth hair as well as keep styles in with a natural look. Casually coiffed is the goal! I often put curls in my hair and I find these products do the trick of fixing them perfectly in place.
I have also got to shout about the Oil-icious styling oil as it is one of the best post-wash products which I have used! It acts like a serum, locking in moisture as well as sleekening your mane for a lustrous, smooth and effortlessly stunning good hair day everyday! I use it when I've towel dried my hair but it's also perfect for in between washes to tame fly aways!
Finally, for anyone who uses heat on their hair, the Got2Be Guardian Angel 220 degree heat protection spray is an absolute must have! It protects hair from heat damage and also smooths the hair simultaneously. Win win!

Temple Spa
I feel like there are a few things which would immediately come to mind if my friends were asked to name some things which they know I love! Well, the spa is certainly one of those things (everyone loves a good spa day, right?!) and I think being able to create a mini-spa session at home is one of life's luxuries! Temple Spa is one of my absolute favourite skincare brands as I adore how their products are packed full of vitamin-rich Mediterranean ingredients. Plus, they all smell incredible and oh so relaxing. The perfect Mother's Day treat! The products I'm talking about here are the Temple Spa Purification Deep Cleansing Mask, In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt, Moisture To Go Balancing Moisturiser and Sugar Buff Mediterranean Body Scrub. The complete works and a selection which is guaranteed to make her day luxurious!
The Purification Mask is ideal for anyone who has typically oily skin as it helps to balance this and clean the pores really thoroughly.
"This rich marine and land mud mask gives a professional deep cleanse; helping banish blocked pores, breakouts, blackheads, and oily skin; it’s a vacuum cleaner for the skin. The dense mousse texture cleanses and purifies, removing dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a healthy glow without drying the skin. It’s the ideal mask to use on a lacklustre complexion; within 5 mins skin will emerge feeling clean, cool, radiant, and refreshed... positively purified!"

The Sugar Buff is a wonder for the skin ahead of those summer holidays which are really just on the horizon (if we look really hard haha!).It is an all over anti-ageing body scrub that leaves your skin smooth, fragrant and buffed to perfection. Follow with deeply nourishing body butter to make skin look and feel supple and nourished.
The Moisture To Go Balancing Moisturiser, aptly referred to as liquid velvet for the skin, is an incredibly adaptive multi-tasking balancing moisturiser that takes care of skin that can’t make its mind up if it’s oily or dry. Great for combination skin.
- Some of the key points -
Hydrates with a lightweight texture for smooth & firm skin | Balancing - helps regulate oil production & soaks up excess sebum | treats an oily T-zone while taking care of the drier areas too | anti-ageing
Cleanse the day away...
You know when you just want to deep cleanse the day away and feel refreshed and glowing? Yeah, we've all been there and this incredible balm does just that. Temple Spa's In The Beginning Deep Facial Cleansing Melt leaves skin dewy and polished as it swipes away any unnecessary grime leaving your complexion restored to its natural state of beauty. You can shop it here. It provides intensive nourishment quickly so is ideal for caring for dry and lack lustre skin too.

Kiss The Moon
Helping your Mum to be super relaxed and calm is a wonderful basis for a gift. The LOVE bath salts from Kiss The Moon are ideal if you know she loves me time and indulging in some seriously luxurious baths. I'm thinking bath board, a good book, candles, tea (yes tea in the bath is a legitimate thing, go try it!) and spa music. That is relaxation goals right there!
Infused with aromatherapy essential oils, detoxifying magnesium, Dead Sea salts this is a combination guaranteed to help her unwind!
The White Tea and Coconut Seed Oil provide antioxidant properties to leave the skin feeling nourished and pampered from top to toe.
The 'LOVE' blend of Rose, Frankincense, Palmarosa and Ylang-Ylang relax the mind and body to promote a sense of well-being and melt away daily tension.

 Evolve Organic Beauty
The Superfood Mini Miracles Gift Set is a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. Containing the Evolve Organic Beauty Superfood 360 Serum and Multi Peptide 360 Moisture Cream, it is a complete anti-ageing bundle which works wonders for the complexion.
Superfood 360 Serum is packed with highly effective natural superfoods which deliver comprehensive skin protection and rejuvenation benefits including improvement in skin tone, wrinkle depth, texture and luminosity.

Multi Peptide 360 Moisture Cream is formulated with a selection of superfoods and high tech green ingredients to deliver anti-ageing benefits including improvement in wrinkle depth, firmness and skin tone as well as intense hydration.
"This Superfood Mini Miracles duo is based on the Evolve Beauty Age Smarter 360 concept: taking care of the skin naturally at every stage of life, working proactively with the body to support graceful ageing."
Londe Botanics
Made using English Rosemary, the Londe Botanics body oil is an aromatic wonder! Rosemary and lavender essential oils are blended with rapeseed, camelina, blackcurrant seed and poppy seed oils to create a light, aromatic, nourishing blend for all skin types.
Londe Botanics English Rosemary Body Oil - £32.00
Directions: For best results, massage gently into clean, slightly damp skin. Suitable for use on the face, neck and body. Can also be used as a pre-shave oil or apply before a warm bath to soften the skin and revive the senses.
I adore this aroma and love how natural, fresh and calming it really is. Also, can we talk about just how stunning this packaging is please?! I adore it when products come beautifully presented and this certainly does, so looks like a fabulous gift to receive and is really amazing too!


I hope that this Mother's Day Gift Guide has helped to inspire some of your gift choices this March! Which will you be buying for your Mum? Let me know! Bilgi    x
This post contains PR samples. All views remain honest and my own.


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