Saturday, 8 February 2020

February Musings: 'Galentine's Day' & Winter Skincare Pamper Essentials

Hello everyone and welcome to a February musings feature where I'm just going to do a bit of good ol' fashioned chatting about all things beauty, 'Galentine's' for my single ladies out there and some winter skincare pamper essentials and ideas for you all if you don't fancy putting on your skimpiest outfit in the midst of the February Freeze. So before we commence, please get yourself all cosy. Grab that hot cup of tea, throw on the bathrobe and fluffy socks (they are non negotiable evening essentials in the winter don't you know!) and let's talk about a bit of self care and general girl stuff shall we.

I'm going to kick things off with a nod to Valentine's Day which is coming up pronto. A season all about love etc it's nice if not somewhat commercialised (put the stuffed polyester monkey toy down, that does not match the room aesthetic!), but the principle is cute. So no matter if you're a single pringle or loved up, it's nice to see the best in the day. If you're coupled up then show each other you care in whatever way suits you. I always think that a nice Valentine's Day would be either going out for dinner (granted February is arctic though!) or having a night in together with someone showing off their superior culinary skills or even a mini break somewhere cute and cosy like a star gazing lodge or a city you've both not visited before. Just a few ideas any of which I think would be fab. If you're single ladies, then don't fret as it's a great day to gather the girls and have a girly pamper night and chat. Build yourself up to feel and look great. Give yourself a manicure and a bouncy blowdry and know that the right one will come along when the time is right. Trust in the timing of things and just let it evolve naturally. Good things take time, so allow things the time that they need. There's no point trying to fast forward to being coupled up with somebody if it just ain't right. That's a recipe for disaster and you're better off single. People who want to be a part of your life will ultimately make the effort to be and clearly show you that they're worth having around, the rest take care of themselves.

Winter Skincare
Okay so with winter comes the need for me to really focus on my skincare and I am really loving the effects of being invested in my skincare routine and the new products which I have been using for added hydration and protection for the elements. I have been loving the Glow Berry Serum from Tropic Skincare (you can read a post I wrote about it here) and the Skin Dream night moisturiser from Topic (which smells good enough to eat) is also a new favourite of mine. I've noticed such a huge difference in how supple and soft it makes my skin. It's suitable for sensitive skin too so well worth trying in my opinion.

Check out some of my other skincare favourites in this guide here and here.

I have also been really loving the Weleda Skin Feast lip treatment. It is super nourishing and as it is colour free, it looks like a clear gloss so it is perfect on a no makeup day when you still want to feel cute but without makeup if you know what I mean. One of those high bun, glasses and a matching loungewear co-ord / tracksuit and funky sweatshirt days. You can read about the Weleda lip product here in a feature I wrote recently.

So I hope you liked this little chatty blog post. Something a bit different from me but I'd like to do some more so send me a message on Instagram or Twitter with any chat topics you'd like to hear about and I will write around those areas of interest. Wishing you a wonderful week! Bilgi    x   

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