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The Perfect Christmas Beauty & Skincare Selection from Tropic Skincare

Christmas is less than a month away and that can mean only one thing: The Christmas shopping has officially begun! With lots of people to buy for, it's important to know what each person would most love to wake up to on the big day, and if you know you're shopping for beauty and skincare lover, look no further than Tropic Skincare. As one of my absolute favourite beauty and skincare brands, Tropic Skincare is a total dream for anyone who adores vegan, natural and 100% cruelty-free beauty. Responsible, ethical and kind, Tropic Skincare are a brand with a heart as well as creating super gentle yet effective natural products which will transform your skincare and beauty regime and leave you both looking and feeling your very best. When I am shopping for gifts, I always want to make sure that what I am purchasing is not only beautiful, luxurious things which I know the recipient would adore, but also making my choices from a brand which has true goodness at the very core of its ethos, and that is exactly the wonderful combination Tropic Skincare delivers each and every time!

I was kindly sent some of my everyday go-to skincare essentials that this year, I have been absolutely loving and reaching for time and time again. They have changed my skin for the better and they're packed with skin boosting goodness, you just need to know about them and I'll be sharing all the details in the post in just a minute!

From their beautiful Christmas gifts collection, I also received the Tropic Skincare Selection: Brighten and Renew' box and oh wow, it has everything which your heart could desire for the ultimate, well rounded and thoroughly comprehensive skincare routine, for both morning and night! From cleansing to toning, hydrating and nourishing with powerful skin boosting essentials, this gift has got it all!

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Time To Beautify...
To begin with, I want to start with the brush I received, as I love makeup brushes and this one is now a new favourite that I will be working into my everyday beauty regime (look out for it in my makeup tutorials very soon, as it'll be making an appearance)!

Tropic Skincare have a wonderful range of vegan brushes and beauty tools and I received their gorgeous and oh so soft Eco Artist Powder Brush which is perfect for applying your powder make-up products. I think it will work wonderfully for powder foundation to set my base, as well as bronzer and blush as it's the perfect rounded shape for such make-up applications. The brush has vegan fibres and the brush handle is made out of wood. It is certainly pone to add to you essentials makeup bag and for travelling it is so ideal, as it's one of those go to brushes that you can literally use for so many powder-based products.  

Love Your Lips
As the cold weather sets in, lips can become so sensitive to the sudden change and can easily go from nourished to dry if they are not cared for correctly, with lots of rich balms. Luckily, Tropic Skincare know just how to treat your pout and have created the Award Winning Lip Fudge which is a Plumping Lip Conditioner aka Winter Lip Care Essential! 

Available in two beautiful pink shades and one clear variety which I opted for, this softening and plumping lip conditioner is a handbag essential, especially during the winter. It also smells absolutely lovely, sweet yet subtle. I would recommend using it during the day as well as before you go to bed for ultimate overnight lip moisturising.

"Dry, cracked and chapped lips are intensely hydrated with this incredibly restorative, deliciously minty balm. Bursting with 26 lip-loving plant extracts to smooth and moisturise, this rich, creamy balm provides a subtle lip colour and plump, super soft lips in an instant."

Shop the Award Winning Lip Fudge on Tropic Skincare's website here
Skin Purification Saviour
If you sometimes suffer from the odd blemish or are breakout-prone, then let me introduce you to your skin's new best friend! Pure Lagoon  blemish prevention serum has been an important part of my skincare routine this year and that's because it has a gentle yet very powerful natural formula that will positively clear your skin and help you to systematically manage breakouts, instead of feeling at their mercy. 

Firstly, it is a light-weight, blemish banishing serum. It feels air-like and soothing on the skin, not cloying like some products which can feel heavy during the day.

It can be used on specific areas or all over for a light yet hydrating skin satiating treatment. It essentially has the power to help transform oily and blemish-prone complexions as it is enriched with prebiotics to give your skin's defences a helping hand. This innovative serum is like food for your skin, to nourish it from the inside out!

The Superhero Ingredients

Here are a few essential skin-aiding ingredients that make up Pure Lagoon into the innovative skincare step it is:

Probiotics - supports skin's natural flora

Blue Spirulina Extract - full of anti-oxidants

Watermelon Fruit Extract - cleansing and refreshing

Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 - skin essentials for a glowing complexion

Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid - to help the skin retain moisture and feel supple

All of these come together to create a serum which is effective at stopping blemishes before they even happen. This product also smells so refreshing and clean, I absolutely love it!


How To Use Pure Lagoon

You only need a few drops and they are easily patted into the skin and best followed by your moisturiser, which brings my to....

Welcome to Your New Favourite Moisturiser: Skin Feast
...Skin Feast. A wonderful moisturiser which I first started using in February this year. I always look for a moisturiser which is actually nourishing and that makes my skin feel supple and hydrated once it's applied. This is exactly what I got by using Skin Feast and from then on it was one of my absolute favourites! This nutrient-rich daily moisturiser helps to protect and nourish your skin for an incredibly soft, bright and healthy complexion. It is also brimming with goodness and includes 20 different fruit and flower extracts which I think is incredible!

With oh so much goodness packed into it, this is the perfect, hydrating match for dry, ageing, dull and sensitive skin, things that are easier to suffer from during the freezing winter months. What I really love about this cream is that it smell incredible (it reminds me of a spa!) and it also absorbs into the skin really easily and feels light yet deeply hydrating. The perfect combination!

Sometimes, your skin can need a bit more of a boost and a more rich consistency moisturiser can be just what your skin is calling out for. For such days, Tropic's Skin Dream Age Defying Firming Cream Concentrate is here to help. Specifically formulated for older skin or skin which needs a thorough nourishing, Skin Dream is a luxurious, skin-plumping formula which is Tropic Skincare's most powerful age-defying treatment yet and it has the power to boost your skin's elasticity too! For the colder months where the elements will be drying skin out and making it feel more sensitive, this is a fantastic go-to cream to keep skin in tip top condition, as well as make it look and feel its best.

Overnight Skincare Magic

If you're a fellow skincare lover or know somebody who is, you'll already know that different times of the day call for different skincare intervention. At night time when you're makeup free, it's easier to wear a more nourishing cream as it's not going to effect the longevity of your foundation for example. I think it's a great opportunity to get your skin nourishment in too, as you'll have about 6-8 hours of time where your skin can just absorb all of the benefits of your moisturiser on a deep tissue level (Things have gone 'sciencey'!). For me, Skin Dream is a wonderful overnight option too.

"Supercharged with intelligent plant ceramide complexes and a blend of exotic butters, this moisture replenishing night cream is your key to restorative hydration and true beauty sleep." - Tropic Skincare

50ml - £42.00
Light Up My Life
About a year ago I started to use concealer to add definition to my face when doing my makeup. It's now a step I wouldn't be without and it has quite literally transformed my makeup regime as it leaves me with a flawlessly highlighted base each and every time. If you want to cast light, a lighter shade of concealer in comparison to your base is what you are looking for. I absolutely love Tropic's botanical makeup products and their Light-Diffusing Concealer in the lightest shade 'latte' is a must have makeup bag essential. It is super brightening and also really easy to blend out (I go in with a foundation brush and if necessary, a clean sponge to even it out and make sure it is applied smoothly and with an airbrushed finish). It feels weightless on my skin and honestly, it will make you look radiant and youthful when applied under the eyes, around the contours of your nose, down the bridge of your nose, centre of the forehead and centre of chin. (I know it sounds like a lot but this is what works for a flawless base, if you haven't tried it before definitely give this a go!). Shop the Illuma Light-Diffusing Concealer online

The Most Magical Skincare SetIf you want to wow someone this Christmas, this set I am about to show you will be guaranteed to do exactly that! With everything they could possibly want from their skincare routine, the Tropic Skincare Selection allows you to curate your own dream set, that will be perfect for yours or who you are buying it fors, particular skin type and skin concerns. You can choose one of three carefully selected skincare collections, which comes with the ABC collection, as well as two skin treatments and a freshly-made mask! The set not only looks beautiful, it is perfectly balanced for ultimate skin harmony (aka the best complexion of your life!).

In The Set
I selected the Brighten and Renew set which comes with Tropic's signature ABC collection which includes their Smoothing Cleanser (the spa scent dream!), Vitamin Toner and Skin Feast Moisturiser. The Brighten and Renew set then also comes with the Face Lift mask, soft and natural bamboo cloth, Fruit Peel resurfacing serum (this smells delicious!) and Tropic's new Glow Berry Brightening Serum too! This vast array of luxury skincare is a total dream and is perfect for creating a well-balanced complexion with the perfect moisture level. For my skin type, this is a dream!

The Vitamin Toner is a fabulous pore refining mist which is also great for pH balancing the skin. It offers instant hydration and makes skin look brighter and smoother.

A Bit About Glow Berry
Radiance awaits when you treat your skin to a few drops of Glow Berry each day, as it is clinically proven to assist in the creation of a more radiant, youthful complexion.

With advanced, stable vitamin C and supercharged natural plant extracts which helps reduce the appearance of any dark spots and leave you glowing with youth its a must for anyone looking to brighten up their complexion.

There's a variety of plant based goodness packed into this bottle and antioxidant-rich Australian super berries which prevent free radical damage and also boost collagen production in the skin are one of those fantastic ingredients. The serum also contains 1% tranexamic acid to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and soothing kangaroo paw flower extract.
You can also select the sets in either scented or unscented variety if you know you're buying for someone who has very sensitive skin that is best treated without fragrance in the products they apply. 

The Skincare Selection is £98.00 from Tropic Skincare

So this is my full beauty and skincare selection guide exclusively on Tropic Skincare and all of their wonderful natural and 100% vegan products! I honestly love all of these products and know that as the weather changes and my skin's requirements alter accordingly, Tropic has got me covered and will support my skin throughout whatever the winter weather can throw at it!  Which products would you most love to treat yourself or a loved one to this Christmas? You can shop the whole Tropic Skincare collection online here. Let me know what you add to your shopping basket! Wishing you all the most wonderful Christmas! Festive love, Bilgi    x

This post contains PR samples from Tropic Skincare. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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