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Giving The Christmas Gift of Fragrance with Eden Perfumes

Christmas shopping is one of my favourite things about the busy festive season. I love the hustle and bustle that goes with it, to overhear snippets of other people's conversations as they talk about what they'll be getting for their loved ones, the festive lattes that I undoubtedly stop mid-shopping spree to indulge in and of course, finding the perfect Christmas gifts that I just know my friends and family are going to love. I often think, that to find the exceptional, you have to take the path less obvious or in this instance, less pounded by a million pairs of busy shoppers' boots. The perfect gift may not necessarily be on a shelf on every high-street and it may serve you better to look for more bespoke and artisan products if you're really looking to pleasantly surprise someone and give them that festive 'wow' moment, as they unwrap a beautiful and thoughtful gift that they'll remember forever. I am a conscious shopper and I like to invest in brands who are truly good at heart both to the environment and to animals by being cruelty-free, as this is really important.

Kindness at their heart...
Eden Perfumes is my favourite perfume brand. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and they create such a wonderful selection of bespoke fragrances, most of which are dupes for your designer favourites. You name it, they have it!

What I love most, other than the fact that they all smell wonderful and honestly, virtually the same, if not better than the originals in my opinion, is that all of their ingredients are ethically sourced and Eden Perfumes stand by their ethos of kindness at the core of everything they do, and do not even trade with countries whose laws haven't banned animal testing. Similarly, Eden Perfumes buy all of their perfume making ingredients from Europe, where animal testing has already been banned for more than five years and counting. If you are buying for someone who is into their cruelty-free beauty products this Christmas, then Eden Perfumes are a perfect brand to choose and their fragrances are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

You will have seen my previous features on Eden Perfumes before if you are a regular reader of Coconut Couture. If you haven't yet, they are linked for you just below:-

Variety is the spice of life and Eden Perfumes know this. They have hundreds of beautiful fragrances to choose from and for the perfume butterfly in your life (aka the person who is always switching their scents and likes to keep things varied), the Eden Perfumes Gift Box is the perfect choice, as it allows you to make three choices of 10ml each, so that they can mix things up on the regular.

The two bespoke fragrance gift boxes which I received have in some absolutely gorgeous fragrances. I selected these as I love a fresh, uplifting aroma so I knew these would be perfect for me and smell wonderful on my skin. I also really have been wanting to try out some new designer fragrances but knew I would preferred the vegan alternatives and I was right, as these all truly delightful!

One of the boxes contains No. 316 - Viva La Juicy Women (vegan and natural alternative to Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy fragrance), 533 - Fierce Woman, 504 - Bacarat (this fragrance is the vegan version of Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis de Kurkdjian) 

The other trio includes No. 062 - Vegan Sii (the cruelty-free dupe for Giorgio Armani's Si), No. 485 - Lima, Basil and Mandarin (the vegan equivalent of one of Jo Malone's signature unisex fragrances) and No. 427 - Eau de Rocha Women   

Tailor Made Gift Boxes: The Fragrance Notes
No. 316 - Viva La Juicy Women - Firstly, just the name of this perfume lets me know that it's going to be a fragrance which is fun, fresh and fruity, all things I love if I'm looking for a fragrance for a holiday or a day where I want a fun-loving happy vibe communicated through my perfume choice. With it's sweet-girly, fruity top notes of mandarin and wild berries, middle notes of honey suckle, gardenia and jasmine for a sweet summery vibe and base notes of amber, caramel, praline, sandalwood and vanilla, it's a luscious combination that results in a fresh combination that is youthful and playful. The miniature bottles which come in the gift sets are 10ml each so they are also the ideal size to pop in your luggage when you go on your travels (even if you aren't planning on any winter sunshine this year, this fragrance keeps the summer vibe alive as it is such a fun summery scent that reminds me of being sun-drenched somewhere hot by a pool or on a golden sandy beach!). Got a winter mini break or ski trip coming up? These perfume bottles are the perfect travel size for up to 3 weeks away. Shop No. 316 - Viva La Juicy online.
No. 533 - Fierce Woman - Categorised as a floral and fruity perfume, No. 533 - Fierce Woman is the vegan alternative to the perfume Fierce for Her by Abercrombie and Fitch. It oozes effortless sensuality and sophistication, and it is an undeniably feminine, fruity yet balanced with woody notes fragrance. This perfume has moderate longevity and decent projection so it will last for the day without overpowering you and will be noticeable to others in a subtle way, and will leave them charmed. With it's woody notes, it is a great choice for ladies who usually prefer a more unisex or masculine cologne without too much sweetness or floral elements. It is also beautifully balanced with blackberry leaf, the woody notes come from drift wood (hello beach babe, ocean vibes!) and peony flower. Shop this scent on Eden Perfumes' website.

No. 504 - Bacarat - This is one of Eden Perfumes' signature scents and a real best seller. As an oriental, floral and unisex fragrance, it has excellent versatility and is esteemed as one of the best recreations that Eden Perfumes have ever made. It's luxurious top notes of jasmine and saffron, middle note of amber wood and base notes of fir resin and cedar all come together to create a rich, exuberant scent fit for the most booshie of days or evenings out as it is a highly luxurious fragrance, the kind you'd expect to try in the great perfume halls of a grand department store like Harrods. If you were to think of the fragrance that a top model wears, male or female, this fragrance would be exactly that. Shop this fragrance here.

All of Eden Perfumes' fragrances are available in full size bottles too - a 30ml bottle is £18.00 - Shop the full fragrance collection here

No. 062 - Vegan Sii - This dreamy number is described as simply sensuality in a bottle, and with its sweet, floral notes which are evocative of Italian summers, mystery, romance and adventure, it's not hard to understand why. Cassis beautifully folds over notes of sweet and comforting vanilla and sophisticated and sensual pure rose. In addition to these wonderful fragrance notes, this perfume has elements of verve, magnolia and peony, as well as anise and Taif rose (this is a variety of rose which is highly prized in perfumery, as it has an even more aromatic nature than damask rose to which it is related.) This summer I went to Italy and to me this scent is true Italian charm, character and romance. It is sweet, almost caramel-like and with a seductive quality that will honestly take your breath away. I love it. Shop this perfume.

No. 485 - Lima, Basil and Mandarin - This is a scent I always reach for as it compliments any occasion as it is fresh and invigorating, yet not too heady. Perfect in the day time as a fragrance you'd wear for work or a lunch with friends, as well as being a lovely perfume to spritz on before running out for the evening if you don't want your fragrance to be overtly noticeable but still there in a subtle way, it's a fab go-to. It has top notes of lime, mandarin and bergamot, middle notes of basil, lilac, iris and thyme and base notes of patchouli and vetiver. It is suitable as a unisex fragrance as well. Shop No. 485 - Lima, Basil and Mandarin here.

No. 427 - Eau de Rocha Women - This perfume is described as a citrus aromatic infusion. It is a typically Mediterranean fragrance and should take you to a beautiful sunny day in Spain. Think sitting in the shade with a glass of something fizzy and an unmistakably 70s movie-style filter across this sunny setup and you'd be getting the emotional aesthetic this fragrance creates! It's balanced in a way which makes it perfect as a cologne too. It's top notes are lime, mandarin, basil, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, verbena, middle notes comprise of coriander, carnation, patchouli, jasmine, narcissus and rose and this fragrance's base notes are oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, musk and vetiver. Check out No. 427 - Eau de Rochas Women on Eden Perfumes' website.

Choosing the perfect perfume
A great way of selecting scents for somebody when you don't necessarily know exactly what it is that they would like, is to select three fragrances that are varied and suitable for different outings and occasions. For example, when you look at the Eden Perfumes website, there are fragrance categories that will help you to choose different scents with different base notes. Of course there are both masculine and feminine fragrances, but there are also categories like 'Fruity' and 'Oriental' and Floral'. If you know you're shopping for someone who loves true scents, Eden Perfumes also create some beautiful one element perfumes. I have tried the Rose and Passionfruit versions before and they are dreamy and what you want aka a pure clean fragrance, is exactly what you will get.

You can connect with Eden Perfumes via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages

Only the finest vegan ingredients are used to create Eden Perfumes' bespoke fragrances

So that is my ultimate Christmas Gift Guide focusing on the wonderful array of fragrance delights from my ultimate perfume company, Eden Perfumes. If you are yet to try out any of their perfumes, I would definitely suggest selecting your next fragrances from there, as they do loads of unique and wonderful options, all of which are natural, plant-based and so importantly, cruelty-free. Which perfumes from these gift boxes do you most love the sound of and which ones will you be adding to your Christmas List for 2019? Do let me know! Wishing you all a wonderfully merry and truly decadent Christmas! Festive love, Bilgi   x

This post is sponsored by Eden Perfumes. All views and opinion are honest and my own.

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