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Sophisticated Mother's Day Gift Guide with 'Eden Perfumes'

Mother's Day is just around the corner and the shops have been stocked full of potential presents for weeks already. With so much mainstream variety to choose from, I personally like to take a step back and look towards more bespoke and exclusive gift ideas that are really personal and tailored to the person I intend to give the gift to, in this case, my Mum. Like many beauty essentials, I always think that having a signature fragrance that you wear, love and are associated with is a wonderful and luxurious thing that is an everyday delight. If you have been reading Coconut Couture for a while now, then no doubt you will have seen my past features on Eden Perfumes, an all natural, 100% cruelty-free vegan perfume company who are committed to creating delightful perfumes using only plant extracts and essential oils. None of their ingredients come from animals like so many of the ones which you find in the fragrance departments in your favourite department stores. Instead, Eden Perfumes are able to look at the fragrance notes in the designer perfumes which you already know and love and through their perfume making magic, are able to professionally create and tailor the vegan equivalent of this! How incredible that this can be done - with scent innovation at its heart, there's really no wonder why their perfumes are so exquisite and elegant in aroma. I was lucky enough to select some of my favourites which I'm going to outline in a minute for you and they're honestly an aromatic dream. If you're currently looking for some gift inspo for your Mother this March, then read on, as I'm going to tell you all about Eden Perfume's brand history as well as describe the scents which I was sent over.  
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My Favourite Vegan Fragrances from Eden Perfumes
Perfume is one of those beauty essentials that in my opinion can really draw a whole outfit together, as well as enhance your mood if you choose the right one. I love light yet sweet, slightly floral or sometimes zesty fresh scents with vetivert that literally add a 'zing' to you day and make you feel alert! Other times if I'm going out for a night, I love a more floral fusion with the sweetness of berries and a hint of vanilla and amber.
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Left to right in the gift box: Just Jasmine (a pure essential essence, shares its name with a Disney princess, smells like a night in a walled garden in a distant land, completely delightful and sensuous), No. 203 - Portobello Road (a sweet and heady scent, named after Eden Perfume's London store location) and No. 485 Lima, Basil & Mandarina - Citrus Aromatic Unisex - (these are all vegan versions of course).
Shop the scents: Jasmine, No. 203 - Portobello Road and No. 485 Lima, Basil & Mandarina - Citrus Aromatic Unisex
Citrus blast
You know how I was talking about loving an uplifting, oh so zingy scent on days where I just want to feel invigorated and energised? Well the perfume No. 485 Lima, Basil & Mandarina which is a citrus aromatic, perfect for either men or women is exactly the scent you need if you also love light but powerfully fresh scents. This is what Eden Perfumes have to say on this fragrance...
"Our zestiest, zingiest, most citrusy perfume by far. This is just a straight up blast of what citrus fruits have to offer! Imagine a party where a lime, a mandarin and a bergamot orange come together and get totally smashed, making themselves into a smoothie - this perfume is the result! If this fragrance doesn't wake up your senses and invigorate you, no other fragrance in our collection can. The citrus fruits have allowed some other ingredients into their party - we can't forget the basil of course - but they really play a secondary role here. This is a lovely fragrance to wear at any time of year and really works well on any occasion at any time. As with most citrus perfumes, longevity isn't as amazing as a woody fragrance but will still last you comfortably several hours."
No. 485 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone
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The Story Behind The Brand... A History of Eden Perfumes
Go grab a cup of tea as I'm going to tell you about the History of Eden Perfumes and what the brand stands for today. I think in today's market where there are so many products competing with one another, it can be hard to make savvy selections based on the stuff that really matters, like sustainability and ethos, how the brand considers the world, its resources and how it treats animals in the pursuit of making its products. Eden Perfumes not only make perfumes of exquisite quality, they are a brand with a heart. With kindness at the very core of their values, their products are 100% vegan and only made using special blends of plant and flower extracts. Established in 2013 in Brighton, a beautiful seaside town on the south coast of England, Eden Perfumes' concept was created to give an alternative high-quality fragrance to the Vegan community, newly converted vegans, cruelty-free conscious people that like to choose compassionate shopping and not support animal testing or buy cosmetics that contain animal byproducts. Most importantly they wanted to create an alternative product and increase vegan awareness amongst the non-vegans. I would say this is pioneering and a fantastic step in the right direction. I love how Eden Perfumes lead by example and are making the fragrance industry a more ethical place.
The Ethos
Eden Perfumes are a small family business which sells worldwide, however they will not sell/deliver their perfumes to countries that conduct animal testing. Similarly, their caring ethos means that they buy all their oils and organic beetroot alcohol from Europe where animal testing has been banned for more than 5 years, and they will never buy any of their raw materials from outside Europe. All Eden Perfumes' fragrances are IFRA certified safe and Non-Toxic. They do not use synthetic preservatives in their fragrances either.
Eden Perfumes are 100% Vegan and are against animal testing
Choosing your signature fragrance...
Eden Perfumes have a bespoke matching service which you can try out for yourself online. You simply go on to their website (you can check out the Eden Perfumes website here) and type in the brand and name of your favourite designer perfume, or simply the kind of fragrance you like e.g. fruity, floral, woody, spicy etc. There are hundreds of fragrance variations arranged from fruity, floral and oriental for women on Eden Perfumes so there are loads to make your selection from.
The matching service aligns your favourite with the best similar vegan fragrance available and it also tells you what essential oils are making up the top, middle and base notes of the fragrance. All the scents which I was kindly sent last all day and remain bright and freshly scented which I personally really love and use everyday!
Fragrances in the bottom gift box - left to right: No. 032 - Miss Cherry - Chypre Fruity Women'sNo. 86 - S-cali Portofino - Citrus Aromatic Women's, No. 427 Eau de Rocha Women - Citrus Aromatic for women
Miss Cherry has top notes of wild strawberry leaves, pineapple, cherry and green mandarin. It is a delightful mix of being sweet and fruity, as the middle notes of caramel, popcorn, rose, violet and jasmine combine with the base notes of musk (vegan), patchouli and amber to create an intoxicating scent. Perfect for a night out or spending time with your significant other on a cosy Friday night. I absolutely adore this fragrance!
S-cali Portofino - Citrus Aromatic is another very pleasantly zesty number. This particular fragrance has the top notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Petitgrain, middle notes of Orange Blossom, Almond, Juniper Berries and base notes of Cypress, Cedar, Musk, Caraway, Galbanum. It lasts 5 - 6 hours on the skin which for any other fragrance connoisseurs out there, they will know that's really respectable for a citrus scent. It is meant as the vegan equivalent of Dior's Portofino.
The final scent I'm going to be talking about is No. 427 Eau de Rocha Women - Citrus Aromatic for women which is the dupe for Eau de Rochas by Rochas. It is another citrusy scent (can we see a theme emerging here!?) with an unmistakable Mediterranean twist.
No. 427 Eau de Rocha Women - Citrus Aromatic - "This is a discreet, clean citrusy and refined Mediterranean style fragrance. It will take you to Spain on a nice sunny day. It has a slightly naughty 70's spice to it that makes it a little mysterious, as well as a touch of citrus bitterness but it's not overpowering. It's refreshing but also warm, best for summer days and could almost be a cologne - it's quite unisex. To wear every day, and not a commercial fruity perfume. Keeps its own 70's style prestige."
There we have it! A comprehensive Mother's Day gift guide exclusively to Eden Perfumes. What do you think of the sound of their perfumes? Have you tried any of the Eden Perfume range before? Do you know what your Mother's favourite fragrance is and will you be buying her a vegan fragrance to celebrate Mother's Day this March? Bilgi   x
This blog post is sponsored by Eden Perfumes. All views remain honest and my own.


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