Monday 8 May 2023

A Day In The Life Of An Auditioning Actress

I wanted to be in the arts since I can remember. As a child I was part of two theatre groups one after the other for years and was enthralled by the different facets of the arts I learnt, from dance, acting to even a bit of radio broadcasting. In my last couple of years at school I joined a girls' school where they had far advanced facilities and a drama department, so spent two years studying drama and theatre and getting an A-Level in it, amongst all my other subjects. I knew that acting was something I would pursue and to this day, it is. A career in any artistic endeavor is likely to be varied and more fluid than some others can be, but for the uncertainty and lack of a given 9-5 work pattern, I'd say making your own routine is of paramount importance. It's 100% what keeps the flow of your day in check and helps you accomplish things in a good time frame. So I'm going to tell you a few of the things I do in a typical 'Day In The Life' for an auditioning actress.

Get Up and Check In
The first port of call is the Spotlight jobs and opportunities page (after a visit to the kettle and getting my Earl Grey obviously!). I'll check what's available and what I'm potentially suitable for. I know my agent will be doing this as well, but it's important to be aware of what's happening in the industry and to actively searching the jobs available now or those which will soon be available. It's so true that there are a lot more people available than jobs available in the acting world, so being in the mix for the jobs which are available is super important so that you are in with a shot.

The last few years have certainly meant a lot of auditions have stared being online and through self-tapes through the first round or two of auditions for a job. This is actually really positive as I've been able to fit multiple castings into short time frames as I haven't needed to geographically get to multiple different places under time pressure. With this in mind I do like to check over my Spotlight CV and ensure that it's up to date and always has evidence of the relevant skills required for the job at hand that I'm auditioning for. You can
check out my Spotlight CV, headshots, voice reels and tapes here

The opportunities which present themselves can be so varied so you can never really know for sure what job you will have next for what you'll be trying out for. My latest acting job was in Medical Role Play.

I also have a business where I design and customise clothes - Cloud Tie Dye Co is my brand and I honestly adore it so much! It's a creative job and it's flexible as I'm the owner so I can work it around my auditions and vice-versa, depending upon what my week entails, which for me is great. You can check out and shop Cloud Tie Dye Co here.

The Kit
My camera is the best investment I have made and shoots in ultra HD so is true to life and captures the true essence of the scene on tape, so I love that. Obviously a tripod and if required a reader for the other lines.

I do love a book on acting and my agent's sister actually wrote a really fantastic one called 'Surviving Hollywood' which is a really informative and helpful read, by an actress for actors and actresses, so it's a brilliant first-hand account of the industry and how to survive it and thrive within it. I have read it cover to cover but it's also a great book to pick up as and when I feel like a bit of acting insight would help, as the chapters stand alone well.

Timing Is Everything
When I get an audition through, I know that there'll be a quick turnaround so I will start with letting my agent know I can yes of course do the audition - it's always a positive affirmation to be asked to audition as you know that there's been some potential already seen in you. I will then do script analysis and line learning. Weekend tapes for a Monday deadline I'll shoot and edit and have sent over to my agent as fast as possible and well ahead of the deadline, as time is always of the essence. After a tape is successfully submitted, a breather is necessary and some self-care and relaxation a must. Exercise like a long walk, some yoga and dancing help a lot! Indulging in an interest or something you love doing (like baking for me) is also a great unwinding technique I like to do.

So there you have my account of a day as an auditioning actress. How would you organise your day or is there anything else you would add? Love, Bilgi  x

Here Are Some Of My Auditioning Actress Must Haves:


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