Saturday 14 March 2020

Mother's Day Cocktails for Two With Caorunn Gin.

Hello lovelies and welcome to another delicious, oh so fruity blog feature. I'm really excited to be sharing this post with you, as it is written in collaboration with the amazing Caorunn Gin, an artisan distillery which carefully handcraft their gin in the Scottish Highlands. If you have been a reader of Coconut Couture for a while now, then you'll probably have also seen my feature around the festive season where I mixed up a cocktail using Caorunn Gin's lovely Scottish Raspberry gin. If you didn't catch it, you can check it out here. Today's feature includes not one but two delightful serves which you can quickly rustle up and serve for you and your Mum or mother figure this Mother's Day. 

Me and my mum are such chatter boxes, so sitting down for a cosy and chilled evening in together and sharing a cocktail or two is very much our style! There seems to be an endless stream of things for us to talk about, which makes my Mum not only a trusted confidant but also my best friend. So, if you're currently thinking of a way which you can celebrate and say a big thank you to your Mum for always being there and supporting you, read on as I have devised two cocktails, both sweet and fruity, which are guaranteed to be great tipples to accompany some girly Mum and daughter chatter this March 22nd! Read on for more...

A Bit About Caorunn Gin

All of Caorunn Gin's produce is created using only the very finest of ingredients like natural Scottish water, pure grain and 11 fabulous botanical ingredients, 5 of which are locally foraged in the wild Scottish Highlands.

These incredible natural and locally foraged ingredients include:

Rowan Berry, Bog Myrtle, Heather, Coul Blush Apple which is traditionally Celtic and Dandelion Leaf for a hint of sharpness. 

The traditional botanicals that are combined with these gin distilling ingredients for a well rounded and perfectly balanced gin are aromatic Junpier Berries, warming Coriander Seeds, Orange and Lemon Peel for their fresh and aromatic notes, sweet Angelica Root and exotic Cassia Bark.

I'm going to start off by showing you the cocktail made using Caorunn Gin, the variety which is carefully crafted using the five locally foraged gin botanicals and always produced in small batches, for top quality control. The aroma of this gin is so well rounded, with delicate elements ranging from floral notes, fresh citrus and spice for a full bodied aromatic finish.

The flavour of this particular gin is crisp, clean and full bodied, making it a perfect match for a variety of garnishes to further enhance it.

The Strawberry, Apple and Mint Spritzer with Caorunn Gin
2 x shots of Caorunn Gin - shop it here
1 gin glass
White sugar
1 pink lady apple, sliced
3 fresh strawberries
a few sprigs of mint
Ice cubes
Premium lemonade

How To mix:
1. Begin the mixology process by first making the ice cubes. Add fresh mint leaves to an icecube tray and then top up with water or even your tonic of choice for added flavour and sweetness. Freeze for a couple of hours until they are firmly set.

2. Start the cocktail's assembly by first placing the sugar crystals around the edge of the glass and then add in the freshly sliced apple (about 6 thin slices), strawberry and mint leaves.

3. Follow this by topping up generously with ice and pouring over the 2 shots of Caorunn Gin.

4. Finally, pour over your mixer of premium lemonade. This adds a tang and a sweetness which really works with this gin.

5. Serve up immediately and enjoy!

For the Scottish Raspberry Gin which Caorunn Gin create, I have gone for a well balanced and fruity selection of garnishes which really do bring out the gin's own flavour sublimely.

Caorunn Gin's artisan Scottish Raspberry has been handcrafted with Perthshire raspberries in Caorunn's unique copper berry chamber. It is expertly infused to delight your taste buds with fruity flavour which balances and compliments the botanicals which are at this gin's heart.

These are the ingredients and 'how to mix instructions' for you, if you would like to create this yummy tipple for yourself and your Mum this Mother's Day:

1 x shot of Caorunn's Scottish Raspberry Gin - You can shop it here
A fancy cocktail glass
White sugar
Ice cubes
3 fresh raspberries
A few fresh aromatic mint leaves
3 slices of fresh zesty lime
150ml of premium lemonade

1. Start by making the mint infused ice. (My ice cubes are heart shaped because it's cute!)

2. Then add the white sugar crystals to the glass' edge. This looks beautiful and adds delicate sweetness.

3. Then add a slice of lime to the glass' edge as a garnish.

4. Add in the two other lime slices to your glass and follow with the raspberries, mint leaves and mint infused ice cubes / hearts.

5. Add the shot of Caorunn Gin's Scottish Raspberry Gin.

6. Top up with 150ml of premium lemonade and serve up immediately! Cheers!

Keep up to date with Caorunn Gin over on their social media platforms of Instagram and Twitter

So there you have my cocktail creation ideas that are simply delightful serves for Mother's Day. Both are deliciously crisp yet sweetly balanced, and are sure winners for any gin lover out there! Let me know if you mix up either of these cocktails for you and your Mum this Mother's Day! Tag me and Caorunn Gin over on Instagram too! Happy mixing! Bilgi x

This blog post is sponsored by Caorunn Gin. All views are honest and my own.

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