Monday 9 March 2020

Chic Mother's Day Cocktails with Mélange Drinks

A particular occasion isn't a necessary prerequisite to enjoying a cocktail in my books, but such an event is indeed reason enough to, wouldn't you agree? Mother's Day serves exactly that purpose, to relax and enjoy some true, quality time with your Mother or Mother figure and show her the love, attention and care that she really deserves. We all spend time with our mums in different ways. Personally, we always shop, chat over tea and cake / lunch / coffee / drinks (actually you name it, we're probably talking no matter what we're doing!) and we go on mini-breaks and days out and about. This Mother's Day, one of the ways in which we'll be celebrating is over a cocktail or two! I've teamed up with the wonderful Mélange Drinks, the artisan creators of some truly irresistible pre-mixed and ready to drink cocktails that are a refreshing alternative to what you'll have tried before, to show you a tipple or two that you can also serve up and enjoy with your Mum this March 22nd. So if tipples and chat rank highly on your list of chilled celebration ideas, read on as I have the ultimate treat in store, which Mum's will really love!

A Bit About Mélange Drinks
If you didn't already know about the wonderful brand that is Mélange Drinks, let me enlighten you a bit, as you may well be about to be introduced to your new favourite oh so classy and effortlessly sophisticated drinks brand. All of their drinks are natural and do not have any hidden artificial nasties in them, including sugar. They take a craft approach to creating their alcoholic sodas. They combine wonderful fruity flavours innovatively to compliment and contrast delicately against one another and ultimately make the most delectable vodka based cocktails you can find pre-mixed. Mélange rinks use premium and interesting ingredients to achieve a light and refreshing drink which is low on calories and low on guilt, making them perfect for any occasion. They are ready to be chilled and served over ice, and rumour has it they taste even better when served up with friends!

The Mélange Drinks Story: In The Beginning
The story of Mélange Drinks goes back to when Harry and Alec were making drinks in their kitchen, something which they had done for a while. They were out with their friends drinking what they describe as "radioactive looking sugar traps" and that's when they thought "You know what? We can do better than this" and pledged to do exactly that. Their aim; to create a refreshing alternative to a pint of beer or a glass of wine. Something different. And that is exactly what they have done with these exquisite drinks.

The Inspiration
In early 2019, Alec and Harry started to choose their flavours with the goal to create the tastiest drinks concoctions possible. Each flavour drink that they've created has been carefully selected based upon perfect pairings. The Raspberry and Rhubarb cocktail took inspiration from the fruity crumble of Harry's childhood (and what an incredible place to take creative inspiration from! With crumble actually being one of my favourite desserts, I am impressed!), the Yuzu and Passionfruit cocktail being inspired by Alec's Japanese heritage and their Grapefruit and Tangerine cocktail coming to fruition because that citrusy twist in a cocktail is truly sublime, each drink is innovatively thought out and carefully crafted. The quality of the results speak for themselves - their drinks are more interesting and well balanced than what's already out there. Welcome to your shiny new favourites!   

About The Drinks
Mélange Drinks currently have 3 wonderful fruity and delicious flavours of cocktails in their collection. They are as follows:  

Rhubarb and Raspberry - Mélange Drink's No. 1 first drink creation
This delightful sweet yet tart drink is inspired by Harry's family crumble and the flavours hold fond homely memories. Not only is this a delicious flavour, it also only has 99 calories!

Grapefruit and Tangerine - No. 2
A citrusy twist, this cocktail is the 'zesty one'. It is a citrusy drink that actually tastes as good as it smells. With refreshing flavour notes and an unmistakable tang that is satisfying and thirst quenching, this is a wonderful fruity flavour that is sure to become a firm favourite.

Yuzu and Passionfruit - No. 3
This is their No. 3 flavour and the 'exotic' one. You may be wondering what yuzu actually tastes like and here's the answer. A yuzu's flavour is that of a mixture of various citrus fruits with a herbal overtone. Yuzu was introduced through Alec's Japanese heritage and the passionfruit enhances the exotic experience.

You can connect and stay up to date with all that's happening at Mélange Drinks via their social platforms of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out and shop their website here.
I'm going to tell you three marvellous garnish ideas that you could use and pair with this trio of cocktails. They are simple yet highly effective and use some natural fruity and aromatic herbal ingredients that will beautifully enhance and bring out the delicate and delicious flavours of the drinks. I've also mixed up two of them (one for me and one for my Mum!) - I went for the Rhubarb and Raspberry cocktail and their yummy Yuzu and Passionfruit version. 'Mixology' how-to's are as follows:

Yuzu and Passionfruit with zingy Lime, Strawberries and Minty Ice
You will need:
1 x bottle of Mélange Drinks Yuzu and Passionfruit drink, chilled - shop their range online
1 x glass
3 thin slices of fresh lime
3 freshly sliced strawberries
fresh sprig of mint
ice cube tray 

1. Start  off by making the mint infused ice cubes. This looks super fancy and adds a really lovely decorative element. To do this, all you need to do is add mint leaves into your ice cube tray with the water then freeze them for a couple of hours. Perfect minty ice cubes are then ready to be used and enjoyed in your cocktails!

2. Start the drink's assembly by adding the a lime slice to the edge of the glass. 

3. Then add some thin slices of lime into the glass.

4. Follow this with some of the mint infused ice cubes.  

5. Now add in the slices of fresh strawberry.

6. Pour over the Mélange Drinks Yuzu and Passionfruit cocktail and allow the flavours to mix together. You can give it a swirl with a cocktail stirrer too if you would like to.

7. Serve up immediately. Enjoy!

Mélange Drinks use premium and interesting ingredients to create their artisan alcoholic sodas. The results are sublime and speak for themselves.

Rhubarb and Raspberry with fresh Lime, Strawberries and minty ice
You will need:
1 x bottle of Mélange Drinks Rhubarb and Raspberry - You can shop their collection here
1 x glass
4 fresh strawberries
A few fresh lime slices
fresh mint
ice cube tray

1. Begin by making the minty ice by adding fresh mint leaves into the ice cube tray with the water prior to freezing.

2. Add half of the fresh strawberry slices into the glass along with the lime slices.

3. Add 1 strawberry as a garnish to the edge of the glass too.

4. Add ice to the glass.

5. Top up with a chilled Mélange Drinks Rhubarb and Raspberry cocktail.

6. Add any remaining fruit and serve immediately! Cheers!

- Best enjoyed with friends and loved ones. -

If you adore a tangy, fruity cocktail with citrus notes, this is certainly for you...
Grapefruit and Tangerine with fresh Orange and Pink Grapefruit over ice
You will need:
1 x bottle of Mélange Drinks Grapefruit and Tangerine cocktail - shop online
1 x glass
2 slices of pink grapefruit + a squeeze of the juice
2 orange slices
1 curl of orange zest for the aroma
sugar for edge of the glass
ice cubes

So there you have a few wonderful cocktails with fresh, aromatic garnishes that are the perfect accompaniment to a cute day or evening in with your Mum this Mother's Day. Why not enjoy a cocktail together and celebrate?! Let me know which of Mélange Drinks' cocktails you most love the sound of and which you'll be mixing up very soon! Be sure to tag me and Mélange Drinks on Instagram if you mix any of these delightful tipples up too! Love, Bilgi   x 
This blog post is sponsored by Mélange Drinks. All views remain honest and my own.


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