Monday 23 December 2019

Ordering The Perfect Bouquet with Interflora and Amazon Alexa Skills

Christmas Eve Eve is here and our shopping preparations for the big day are all done. Or almost at least!... I absolutely love Christmas shopping and all of the festive merriment that of course goes so perfectly hand in hand with it. On Friday I was in the busy city of Newcastle to take my driving theory test (I passed yay! Santa, can I have a car?!) and also to do my last minute shopping dash which I must say really did put me into a festive mood. I was actually surprised by how much more Christmassy I truly felt after walking through the city centre and the European Christmas Market and it's vast array of different stalls holding sweet treats, jewellery, mulled wine and a variety of yummy confectionary! The twinkling lights of the shops filled with gifts galore and the festive window displays really were enough to bring about that festive feeling for me.

I always think that to get Christmassy you really have to do things that are immersive in the Christmas sense. If you are looking to brighten up a loved one's day, then flowers always work wonderfully I believe. So when Interflora asked me if I'd like to try out their new skill on Amazon Alexa to order flowers using only your voice, I was super intrigued and so excited to see how this process worked! Full details about how the amazing Interflora Amazon Alexa Skill works can be read here on Interflora's website.

If like me you haven't ever really owned any techy stuff or gadgets, I wasn't initially sure that I'd be able to set up the Echo Dot as I always thought that these pieces of tech took ages to charge and then setting them up would require hours with my head in a manual, as I wasn't sure if I would be able to quickly grasp the space-age nature of something so techy, but to my relief it was actually the complete opposite of this and I now absolutely LOVE IT! (It's in my bedroom and proudly sitting on my beauty storage cabinet!) Firstly, all I had to do was download the Amazon Alexa app onto my phone and plug in the Echo Dot. The two connect and once you link the app to your WiFi, you're good to go! Enabling the Interflora skill on the Echo Dot couldn't have been easier either. I simply searched for it under 'Skills' in the app and it opened up. Then I enabled it and it was all ready to go and the flowers be ordered! Be sure to check out the Amazon Alexa Skill page on Interflora's website here for all the details. I also of course just has to try out Alexa by asking some random questions too, like 'Alexa, play Christmas songs' which she did and I was so impressed! (This is also the first speaker I've ever owned so the audio sounds incredible to me, music has just changed for the better!)

What is actually so fabulous about the Interflora skill with Amazon Alexa is that Interflora guide you through your flower selection and even offer you advice and daily or seasonal flower facts, which I loved! (Just so you know, purple flowers are very on trend for the season!). I also really liked that you can request the type of flowers you would like in the bouquet and then Interflora will actually tell you the bouquets which most closely match your floral requirements. Genius and so innovative! 

Flowers from Interflora - this is one of their simply stunning seasonal bouquets - the Plush Plum Hand Tied Bouquet by Interflora. It's a best seller and a most loved Christmas choice that has been bringing me festive cheer for over a week now! Giving the gift of flowers really does allow you to #ShareSomethingReal this Christmas! You can shop it online on Interflora's website here. They were also professionally arranged by a talented local florist and hand delivered to my door! They come with all the necessary flower food and a care guide too, so that you can keep your flowers from fading for as long as possible. I'm going to press some of them and use them on cards when they dry too, as they're just so beautiful!

You can browse all that Interflora has to offer here and keep up to date via their socials of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too!

Girl Meets Technology: Ordering Your Interflora Flowers By Voice!
When using the Alexa Skills option for Interflora, Alexa will ask you for your delivery postcode and then what the occasion you're requiring the flowers for is. (I said Christmas!). Suggestions will then be offered and you can also ask for specific flowers to be included at this point too. If things get confusing at all, Interflora will also recommend that customer services be called to help assist you, which she then automatically will do once you agree. You can set the day you would like delivery to take place and it really is as simple as that, which kind of amazed me, given the fact I was expecting it to be way more complicated and the process to be a lot longer, but I guess that is the beauty of technology! Amazon Alexa makes the process smooth, fast and unbeatably simplistic. You don't even need to lift a finger, you can sit back with a cup of tea in hand and talk your way to a beautiful bouquet! I was deciding between the sublimely elegant Extra Large Pink Pop Hand Tied Bouquet which has the most sublime selection of dazzling pink flowers in it, from delicate roses to pink lilies. A truly beautiful array - You can check out the Pink Pop Hand Tied Bouquet on Interflora's website here and the Enchanted Cranberry Hand-Tied Bouquet which you can view online here. This bouquet has a superbly seasonal selection in it, from large red roses, pink astrantia, lilac large headed roses, purple Chrysanthemums, pink protea, spruce cones and so many more flowers too! Honestly so exquisite!  The Winter Wishes white bouquet is also so beautiful and perfect for a home with a minimalist, slivery white Christmas aesthetic this season! You can shop this stunning bouquet here. I opted for the Enchanted Cranberry Hand-Tied Bouquet and I will be posting photographs of this stunning arrangement onto my Instagram, Twitter and adding the photos to this feature too, so be sure to keep an eye out to see them as soon as they are delivered! 

The Enchanted Cranberry Bouquet by Interflora
Here are some photographs of the exquisite bouquet which arrived on Christmas Eve and quite literally made my day! The Enchanted Cranberry Bouquet is a seasonal delight and has brightened my home up perfectly this festive season. I honestly feel happy whenever I see them!

The most beautiful flower array I've been lucky enough to receive.

So if you are currently looking for a gift that will quite literally brighten somebody's festive season, I would highly recommend checking out Interflora and their sublime floral selections! If you have Amazon Alexa, this process really couldn't be simpler either! Let me know if you enable the Interflora Skill on Amazon Alexa and how you get on with ordering. Also do let me know which flowers you go for. You'll be spoilt for choice! Wishing everyone the most wonderful and most Merry Christmas yet! Festive love, Bilgi    x  

This post is written in collaboration with Amazon Alexa and Interflora. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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