Wednesday 18 December 2019

Frosted Berries Rhubarb & Pineneedle Winter Wonder Cocktail with Double Dutch

Christmas is quite literally just around the corner. It is so soon, that I can almost smell the cinnamon and cloves, as well as marzipan topped Christmas cake that I know I'll be baking in the next day or two. This morning when I woke up, there was an unmistakable frostiness to the roads and the garden was delicately covered in a crisp, white haze of ice, which from the warmth of the indoors, looked so beautiful and peaceful. It is moments like these that make me love Christmas and winter more generally. In under a week, it'll be Christmas Eve and the last minute shopping dash for many will be taking place. (Does anyone else secretly love this?!). One thing that you should have ready well in advance though is the all important Christmas drinks. An important part of the celebrations, your festive tipples and cocktails are what're going to get the party started so it's important that they're fabulous! Today's blog feature is in collaboration with the wonderful Double Dutch, producers of the best, award winning premium mixers out there on the market! This festive season, they have also really pushed the boat out and launched a limited edition mixer in the oh so seasonal flavour of 'Rhubarb and Pineneedle' and that's the flavour that I'll be using to shake up today's celebratory tipple! So if you know that you're going to be serving up some Christmas Cocktails this Christmas Day, look no further for your 'drink-spo' as I have got you covered! Let the cocktail creation commence!...

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Christmas In A Bottle: Rhubarb and Pineneedle Tonic
The Rhubarb and Pineneedle Tonic water by Double Dutch is a mixer that measures up to the rich, satisfying nature of winter tipples which are known for being luxurious and satisfying. The rhubarb that is used in the drink is in fact locally sourced, and it adds a tart, fruity note that finishes with an unmistakable wintery warmth. Pineneedle is the true epitome of winter and it is such a unique flavour, innovatively used in this drink. It brings a lot to the mix, including a herby, aromatic taste that is complimented by a zesty Mediterranean flavour too. This mixer has a true, resonant depth that compliments a rich cocktail, yet it's 'zestyess' also makes it the perfect pairing for lighter tipples. Truly, this is an all round mixer, that you've got to try this Christmas!

To create the Zesty Frosted Berries, Rhubarb and Pineneedle Winter Wonder Cocktail of your dreams, simply follow these instructions and you will have created the drink of Christmas 2019! With it's light and refreshing flavour notes, along with the ever so festive pineneedle, this drink is not only a talking point for the guests, it's also a flavour sensation that will truly delight anyone who is lucky enough to be served this. 

You will need:
1 x bottle of Double Dutch's Rhubarb and Pineneedle Tonic (this is a limited edition flavour so definitely get your hands on it whilst you can, as it's a perfect tonic for the festive season!)
sugar to adorn the glass' edge
ice cubes
fresh zesty slices of orange
slices of fresh lemon
1 x shot of good quality gin
A few slices of fresh strawberries

cocktail shaker and mixing spoon

1. Begin your cocktail creating process by carefully adding the white sugar to the glass' edge. I love this decorative and flavour enhancing addition, as it looks like frost on a cold winter's day and it's also nice to have a sweetness come through when you take a sip of your drink I find.

2. Add a couple of the citrus fruit slices to the glass and then follow this step with a generous amount of ice cubes.

3. Add the shot of gin. (Now it's getting good!)

4. Add all of the other fruit slices and then top up with the Double Dutch Rhubarb and Pineneedle tonic water.

5. Serve up immediately whilst it's nicely chilled (or try it yourself, for quality control purposes naturally!...)

If you know that some of your guests will be driving or simply do not drink alcohol, this is also a fabulous mocktail if the gin shot is left out. Fruity and delightful!

Cheers to Christmas! 

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So there you have my truly festive cocktail, made using Double Dutch's Winter Wonder Rhubarb and Pineneedle tonic, a fabulous limited edition mixer that any drinks' lover has got to try this winter! What do you think of these balanced flavour notes and zesty, fruity elements? Will you be serving this up to all of your visiting friends and family this Christmas? Be sure to tag me and Double Dutch on Instagram if you do! Wishing you all the very Merriest of Christmases! Festive love, Bilgi    x  

This post is sponsored by Double Dutch. All views remain honest and my own. 

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