Wednesday 20 February 2019

Curl Perfecting with 'Noughty Haircare' Hello Curls Primer

Vegan beauty has taken to the UK's market by storm and I am among those who love these natural products, not only as they're kind to animals and the planet, but also because they are kind to you! Free from harsh chemicals and hidden additives, they're a delight that is making beauty regimes all the more healthy. Today, I am talking all about one of my very favourite hair care brands, Noughty Haircare. If you're a regular reader, then you will already know just how much I adore Noughty and all their fantastic vegan, cruelty-free hair goodies which contain no parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates or silicones. From their array of shampoos, conditioners to gentle styling products, there's everything I need to create the looks I love to rock on a daily basis.
Their brand new shiny launch, called Hello Curls is a hair care primer powerhouse for those with curly or wavy hair and works really well for those who love to add a curl too. It's ability to prime the hair and therefor define and reshape the curls is superb, and did I mention it smells like a tropical paradise of passion fruit, pineapple and all that good stuff that goes into a magical summer!? When I first spritzed it, I was surprised at how delightful it really is and it is actually the best scent I have come across in hair care to date! I've got an exclusive discount code for Noughty Haircare that you can enter at the checkout to get yourself 25% off too.
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Vegan Beauty: A Bit About Noughty Haircare
With a glittering range of 97% natural products, Noughty always consider sustainability. The products are all lovingly packed with all the good stuff and none of the bad - full details of the natural ingredient list and why they're so fab to follow... 
The products are natural and their performance, authenticity, experience and innovation is evident in their quality. (They're really affordable too!). The range of award winning products are sourced and formulated by a team of dedicated experts, with over 80 combined years of product development experience.
"Bambi is a babe just like you so from plant to bottle, we don’t test on animals and we wouldn’t dream of using animal or animal-derived ingredients. We never take ourselves too seriously because we believe sometimes it’s good to get a little Noughty."
~ Noughty Haircare ~

When to use Hello Curls
There are 3 ways to use this curl cherishing wonder. I've tried each one and love the results.
Pre-style Option 1 - Spritz onto just washed hair before applying your usual styling products. This way it adds an additional layer of 'control' and makes styling products work better as the hair is primed. Think of it like primer on your face before you apply your foundation.
Pre-style Option 2 - Spritz onto damp hair as a styler to create beachy, natural waves. Beautiful for the summer. I also use it on damp hair before I set my curls and leave them to dry. This way, the primer holds them in the form I have set them and when I take them out, they hold their controlled shape way better. I also found that as the curls became looser through the day, they still had a controlled shape which I love as it looks well put together.
Re-Style - It is also good between washes to perk up waves and add some body and bounce back into your mane!
What I've noticed is that my curls remain frizz-free when I use this product. Sometimes curls can get that 'fluffy' look by the end of the day, as they rebel against the commute, swishing around the office, static energy etc. That's now a thing of the past and curls stay formed until washed again.
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The Good Stuff's Inside...
The marvellous ingredients which make up Hello Curls are responsible for the flawless curl results it produces. Here's the science behind the art!
QuinOxy is Noughty’s signature curl optimising formula for actively fighting frizz and leaving hair smooth and hydrated. (The goal, am I right ladies?!) The science behind QuinOxy shows a reduction in volume and frizz even in humid conditions - it sounds like this is going to be a holiday hair essential to me! All without sacrificing movement or smoothness, this primer balances out controlling frizz but optimizing curls so they have that glamorous 'Wow' factor. The detangling blend of wheat extract, camelia oil and linoleic acid traps moisture in the hair to blitz flyaways for super smooth waves and stand out curls you will love to show off day after day.   

Sea Kelp is a natural ingredients which helps to soothe the scalp. As it is also rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it helps to give hair its lustre (think mermaids with mesmerising hair and that's what this sea plant is capable of!).
Avocado Oil - A superfood that has made a name for itself, we are all aware of just how healthy avocado is. Packed with fatty acids which nourish your body when eaten, having the oil in the Hello Curls Primer helps to nurture the hair back to a healthy level of hydration and as a result, also strengthens it against the elements.
Shea butter is not only fantastic in body cream, it also brings a luxe feel and moisturising power to conditioning hair to make it irresistibly soft to the touch. Moisturising the hair also helps to fend off any unnecessary breakages which can come with hair that is depleted of conditioning and becomes brittle over time.
And it's 97% natural!
Have you tried any of Noughty Haircare's range yet? How would you use the Hello Curls Primer to achieve the curls of dreams? Bilgi    x
This blog post is sponsored by Noughty Haircare. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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