Saturday 14 July 2018

Visiting Scotland: What To See In Edinburgh

If there has ever been a perfect time to visit some interesting new places, over the summer is surely it. On Tuesday last week, I visited Edinburgh up in Scotland for the first time. Only one and three-quarter hours from Durham, we got the train early and with the sun streaming in through the window, the views en route were beautiful, as the landscape faded from the bustling cityscape of Newcastle Upon Tyne to the rolling hills and heather covered moorlands as we ascended Northwards.

Upon our arrival, we firstly took a cultural turn and visited the Scottish National Gallery just off Princes Street in the city centre, home to some of the most esteemed fine art in the world, ranging from Rococo to Romanticism art.

 We walked up to the old part of Edinburgh, up by the castle, of course one of Edinburgh's most famed attractions for tourists and history buffs alike, and then down through Edinburgh's Old Town which is lined with bars and pubs with fairy light lit garden areas and niche businesses like The Fudge House located on Canongate, which has any and every variety of fudge which you could think of. We tried out some of their rocky road and coconut flavours which were very nice!
Some of the architecture in Edinburgh is exquisite. If ever you want to feel transported back in time by about four hundred years, then this city is where you need to be.

On the way to the old part of the city there is the School of Divinity which looks like it is straight out of a film like Harry Potter. Steeple topped roofs, huge grand wooden doors, towers and old stone made it look rather extraordinary and on such a perfectly summery day too, it was really magnificent.
I am partial to a pretty city and the houses which are found hidden in quaint corners and up steep hills on this particular occasion! Some of the town houses were complete whimsical wonders which when situated so high up, commanded a fantastic perspective across Edinburgh and the river too.


House goals. I'll take one, please.
Edinburgh is also home to a couple of Harry Potter museum/shop type attractions and we visited those whilst exploring some of the old part of town as well. Located on one of the main, candy rock coloured streets, it was an emporium of all things 'wizzarding'. I particularly liked the staircase perspective from the fourth story.

We walked through Princes Street Gardens whilst there, which was a popular spot for catching some rays and relaxing in the early evening. I found Edinburgh very interesting and it reminded me of so many different, great places which I have been to. A very unique city with a lot to offer for a day of exploration.

View over the River Tweed whilst travelling back on the train that evening.
Have you visited Edinburgh before? What were your highlights about the city? Bilgi    x


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