Tuesday 24 April 2018

Tips for Capturing Great Travel Photographs

I love taking photos. It goes without saying that blogging and a passion for photography go hand in hand. It's the visually creative element which draws a feature together and sets the mood. A great time to practise a bit of photography, regardless of if you have a fancy camera or not is on holiday. As we all know, taking photos on holiday is basically obligatory. Did you even go if there isn't photographic evidence?! With the prospect of jetting off on our holibobs becoming more and more of a reality each day as we head towards the highly anticipated summer, I'm sharing some photographic tips so you can ensure you get some great shots this year, wherever in the world you find yourself!
All of the photographs which I'm sharing in this post were taken on holidays over the last couple of years in Cyprus. You can check out more of my holiday photographs in my post about the best beaches in Cyprus and also my post on the cultural side of Ayia Napa. It's a beautiful island and with that obviously comes many wonderful photographic opportunities. With photography or any other creative art or process, it really is a matter of trying out new techniques and processes and just seeing what stylistically works for you and what end results you personally find the most appealing, and that's half the fun of it anyway! Try different levels of exposure and see which photographic result you like best. I personally like all kind of photography styles and love the old fashioned and vintage feel of Polaroids as they feel like they're from another time.

If you're keen to try your hand at some photography this year but don't yet have a camera, there are a great selection of compact system Sony Cameras available at Clifton Cameras which you can check out online.
When you're just learning about photography, it's a good idea to just go out there and ultimately have fun with it. Experiment taking photographs at different times of day and adjust the settings accordingly to see what works most appropriately in different lighting. Every camera is different, so it's also a really good idea to get to know yours! Although they fundamentally all do the same thing, the settings and technological side of each one can dramatically vary, so in order to be able to enjoy some happy snapping, it's a good idea to learn the basics!
Where are you heading on holiday this year and what would you most like to photograph whilst you're out there? Is it the architecture or beautiful landscapes? Let me know! Bilgi   x
This blog post contains sponsored content from Clifton Cameras. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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