Monday 23 April 2018

Elegant Boutique Style & Home Décor Essentials

Boutiques are some of my favourite shops. Unlike chains and high-street / mainstream brands which pop up all over the place, a boutique has its own vibe and the pieces are unlike any others. They are unique and often one offs which makes you feel like you've really got something special for yourself and won't walk past someone wearing an identical outfit! Today I'm going to show you some of my personal favourite boutique style clothing pieces which I own as well as show you how you can style your home to have a more boutique and exclusive feel to it.

Boutique Home Décor: Adding 'Chicness' and Sophistication
So if you're currently in the throws of the annual spring clean, then you will know that once you've tidied all the clutter, the place can look a tad bare and clinical. Sometimes that's a nice look and can look clean and crisp, but if you love adding a touch of personality to your home, then this post should show you some perfect ways of doing exactly that!
The first thing with home décor is that it has to either reflect your personality or project a 'mood' that you want to feel when you are in a certain room. I have styled my bedroom for this and since I was aiming to achieve a boutique feel, I have opted for simple yet effective decorative accents which add that bespoke feel, so candles and dried flowers which look pretty and also smell amazing! I've opted for dried lavender as it's a favourite of mine.

 Adding the earth element of fire as a decorative accent brings clarity and focus to the mind

Floral Tea Dresses
You may have seen in a recent post of mine that I have been loving floral prints this spring, as they are so versatile and can be styled up and down in a multitude of different ways. I'm a girly girl and love delicate looking garments and these dresses are right on the mark. Styled with some gold jewellery accessories for a touch of sophistication and I know they're going to be my SS18 go to wardrobe staples!

Trilogy Stores, the retailers of Paige Jeans are passionate about boutique styling and ensure that their store fronts are displayed in a way which really grabs attention for all the right reasons, highlighting key pieces and garments which are perfect for the season and really show the sophistication and effortless chicness of their bespoke clothing collections.
With jeans, in the summer I love to style them with strappy sandals. I recently bought some beige sandals with gold buckles which are my current season loves. The colour nude is very of the moment and it always exudes sophistication and has that boutique feel to it. It matches oh so many different things as well, so can be interchanged with almost anything you have in your wardrobe, so it's a win win!
What are some of your favourite boutique home or fashion style essentials? How would you dress your home to add a touch of boutique sophistication? Let me know! Bilgi   x
This blog post contains sponsored content from Trilogy Stores. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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