Sunday 24 September 2017

KISS Cosmetics VIP Beauty Party Night

KISS products is a world renowned beauty brand, specialising in stunning lashes and nails. If you are a self-confessed beauty junky, then you will be fully aware that KISS is the world's - hang on a minute, did someone say 'THE WORLD'S' - biggest producer of beauty and cosmetic goods - and I was recently invited to attend their simply delightful party in Newcastle's Grey Street Hotel for the launch of KISS' new and bespoke lash line, 'Lash Couture', which is guaranteed to add majestic flutter to any beauty look. These eyelashes are absolutely the best I have ever seen and have an aura of high Hollywood glamour to them. Think 1950s film star glamour and that is what there lashes are capable of creating. A night of fizz, lashes, nails and chatter awaited us.

White or rose?

In the stylish Grey Street Hotel


With the wine in full flow, canapes on offer throughout the evening and music playing, everybody was able to fully relax, have their nails bedazzled with any of the Impress Nails which were on offer and a pair of stunning eyelashes custom fit and applied by the 'All About You' spa beauty therapists. The night was a buzz of excited activity, as we all chatted and admired the collections of gorgeous products which KISS had especially laid out for us. My favourite lashes from their new range 'Lash Couture' are in the style 'Gala' - full glamour here we go!
Lash Couture is available at Superdrug - view the range
If a night filled with beauty, glamour, fizz and meeting up with fellow blog friends wasn't enough, a luxury goody bag filled to the brim with each style of lashes and nails was awaiting each of us at the door to ensure our departure was as lavish and our futures as fluttery and stylish as is possible. As I now have different eyelashes for every occasion, I have also selected my favourite styles for each different occasion, to help out any of you girls who find yourselves spoiled for choice!
Lashes for every occasion
'Midnight' from 'Lash Couture'  ~ for a feeling of boudoir chic
'Pretty' are light and subtle ~ perfect for a daytime date
'Gala' and 'Sultry' are full and volumised ~ ideal for a night out, drinks or whenever you want to be oh-so-extra!  

A massive thank you to KISS Products for a lovely evening and so many exceptional goodies, which I am absolutely loving! Have you tried any of KISS Products nails or eyelashes before? If not, you really should! Shop the entire KISS range at Superdrug here. Bilgi x


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