Saturday 16 September 2017

An Accent of Lace: A Simple & Elegant Outfit Detail

On a September day this week, it was summer. Alas, this may well be one of the final days of this splendid season for the year, so I was determined to make the most of it with a summer outfit look before it is well and truly hat and mitten season. If you have visited Coconut Couture before, then you may well already know that I do like a crisp pair of white jeans paired with a jacket, summer top, or detailed cami. I wrote a different post earlier this season on one way I personally like to style them for the summer months, which you can also read here. This look I like for summer as it is clean, minimalist and the top has lace detailing around the hem - a fashion feature which I love, as it is oh-so elegant and lace is a timeless look that just will never go out of style. With jeans, I do tend to be more in favour of a pair which are of the high-waisted persuasion as they match seamlessly with crop tops and cropped jumpers. There's also a great online fashion store called which was a fantastic range of clothes that are perfect for holidays and those summer days!


All in the Detail
This necklace is a rose gold and the design is my star, Aquarius. I love how delicate and intricate the design is on a piece of jewellery so dainty. A true favourite of mine as of late, as it goes so well with virtually any outfit as it is just one of those classic pieces that compliments whatever it is that you choose to wear.

The Key Pieces
Cropped lace detailed jumper - Topshop
White skinny Joni super high waisted style jeans - Topshop // Shop the look
White and tan laced creeper shoes - River Island

What are your go-to summer outfit essentials? Are there any key pieces you have been loving this season? Bilgi x

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