Friday 1 September 2017

Feng Shui Interior Decor Wish List

So today I am writing about my interior décor ultimate wish list including a few home interior pieces which I am currently loving. I'm thinking about redecorating my house and specifically by bedroom by revamping the soft furnishings as most of my walls are white anyway, so they're ready for whatever I use to decorate! So when American born company wanted to team up with me, it could not have been at a better time! I believe that a tidy room reflects a tidy mind (and vice versa) and if you're into design, having an aesthetically beautiful living space is just a lovely way to live to bring an inner sense of serenity. It makes you feel more relaxed when you can cast your eye around a space and be met with well placed and specifically considered décor choices; if I think of my dream home, I always imagine the living space to be that of a show home, very tidy and oh so matching. With that in mind, each item I have selected reflects the values and spatial balance which is practised in Feng Shui, as I want the space I live in to have a purpose in the room, without blocking or clashing with any flows of energy. 
Suspension Bridge Shelf
Firstly, I love the architectural edge this would to my office and how decorative it is in its suspension bridge form. Plus, it has enough space to incorporate some plants which is key in Feng Shui. You can shop Uncommon Goods' Decorative Room Accents on their website.
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A Bit About The Company offer things which are just that bit different and unique from what you may typically find in your classic stores, which was perfect for me as I like things which are different and certainly not run of the mill. Their company mission has sustainability at its heart and sell many items which are handmade by independent small businesses, organic or made using recycled materials. I also like that they have never sold products which harm animals, meaning no leather products have been used or sold in products on their site.
Soothe The Soul Yogi Candles
To bring balance and calming energy, these handmade soy candles made in the district of Colombia are the kind of things I want decorating my living space. Even unlit, I personally think that candles look beautiful and make a great design statement and there is a whole range available. This series of three (which are sold separately) includes:-
Savasana (lavender and eucalyptus): a calming and cleansing blend to help you rest and rejuvenate.

Soothe the Soul (aloe and green tea): a blend with a delicate, earthy scent to entrance the mind and mellow the mood.

Warrior (sweet orange bergamot): a powerful blend to stimulate the brain and give you a fierce sense of purpose. 
Links of Love Necklace
I like this necklace - still keeping in mind Feng Shui and balance - as it is a symbol of love and unity, so represents that interconnectedness and togetherness which love brings. It's so modern but well considered and I think it would be an ideal present for a sister, mother or best friend. A really lovely message to convey through a piece of handmade jewellery. With a range of gifts for each person in your life, you're going to find a product which someone will love.
Look for Uncommon Gifts
Which piece from my wish list do you like best? Let me know how you like to bring balance into your home! Bilgi x
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