Saturday 19 August 2017

Golden Glow Summer Skin

It's summer and skincare wise it's all about getting that summer vacation healthy bronze glow. I like a healthy, "glowy" (yes I just made a new word!) complexion as I think it just makes me feel summery - with the Great British sun showers which we are having, a real tan is unlikely so this is how I have got golden without the help of any actual sunlight! Just as a side note, I know people always say that a real tan is dangerous and ages your skin and I do agree that excessive sun exposure is harmful (just ask anyone I've holidayed with and they'll tell you, I do enjoy a bit of what I have named 'shade bathing' when it's very hot aka most of the day!) but I also think that having absolutely no sun at all is harmful as we all know we need a dose of Vit. D for wellness. So tend to always apply sun protection very generously and continuously throughout the day, shade bathe when it's a very strong UVA / UVB count and absorb some sunshine when I feel like it when I'm on the beach, in the sea or walking from place to place on holiday. So, back to the glowy gold look, I've used a combination of bronzers, shimmer dusts, highlighters and lotions to achieve this look. I am not a huge fan of fake tan, so most of these products wash off with one shower so you won't be buffing your body way trying to get them off! I do however know that quite a few people like a more permanent tan, so I've also included a couple that I have tried and tested along the way. I have also decided to highlight and contour for this look as I think it adds definition and actually accentuates the tan. I've listed the products which I have used too so that you can shop any which you particularly like by clicking the heart beside the item you like. So without further ado, let the bronzing commence!

So to create a summer glow, I started my adding the illuminator underneath my foundation to start the ball rolling with a healthy, dewy look and then went in with the bronzers to contour and highlight my face after the foundation - I love soft tones of blusher - my current shade of choice from a Clinique and is in the shade Iced Lotus and is a beautiful shimmering pink but when we're trying to create that light tan effect, warm browns, gold and bronze are the shades which work best. I brushed my bronzer below where my cheek bones are and highlighted above with a lighter tone from my shimmer block. I also went in with some of my new Topshop Mother of Pearl highlighter powder which is a gorgeous iridescent bronze colour and some of my Seventeen new bronzing rocks on my cheekbone; they have a combination of highlighter rocks in a glass container and not only look amazing, I think it's also such a unique product and really fun and different to what I had seen to date. I've used powder highlighters because I like a set finish, but if you don't use a finishing powder, you can use liquid highlighters. I've been toying with the idea of the new Iconic London Illuminator Drops as I have never seen such a glowing finish, so they may well be my next purchase! I know they are rather pricey, but I think it's always a better idea to invest in one good quality product than lots of cheapies. Some drugstore products are really excellent though, so I don't think products should be disregarded just because they didn't cost big $$$.

These are the wear off tan products I have and would use if I was looking for a longer lasting glow.

I have been lucky enough to be sent The Body Shop's 'Honey Bronze' Bronzing Body BB Cream and let me tell you, this works amazingly! It clams that it "perfects, evens, smooths"  and it does this down to a tee. It is enriched with honey too which gives it a lovely soft and sweet scent. I really love this product because it is not a fake tan, so it washes off with ease and allows you to achieve that just back from holiday look without the need to abrasively scrub it off, which can be the case with fake tans when they need to be reapplied. It also goes on really nicely and is super hydrating for 24 hours. If this wasn't enough, because it is from The Body Shop, it is of course 100% cruelty free as they are forever against animal testing, so you'll feel good using it.


I also went in with some of my body bronzer across my d√©colletage because, why not?! If we're going to glow, we're going to glow properly! I used a fluffy soft make-up brush to apply this and then went in with a smaller and more precise bush to add lighter tones for contouring on the areas which catch the light, so my shoulders and collar bones, as I think a bit of shimmer on these areas is really flattering and complimentary whatever you're going to be wearing. An off the shoulder top looks good though I think. I've also gone for a matte lip as I think this compliments this summer look well.

The Body Shop - 'Honey Bronze' Bronzing Body BB Cream -
PS Bronze - Body Bronzer -
PS Bronze - Highlighting Contour Stick
St. Tropez - Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse
No7 - Sunless Tanning Naturally Sun Kissed Moisturiser / Wear Off and SPF 12
NYX - Dream Catchers Pallet in 'Golden Horizons'
No7 - Rose Shimmer Pallet
No7 - Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid
Topshop - Chameleon Highlighter in 'Mother of Pearl'
Seventeen - 'Pink Bronze' Bronzing Rocks
Seventeen - Shimmer Block in 'Pink Bronze'
Seventeen - Stay Pout Matte Lipstick in 'Just A Fling'
Seventeen - Black Wet Look Finish Lacquer Liner 24 Hour Wear 

Let me know if you try out this look as I'd love to see your beach babe bronzing interpretation! This look is great because there's no commitment to the tan and aging your skin for fashion, it's simply buff and brush on / wash off which is the beautiful thing about make-up, it's purely artistic and creative. Have you got a go-to summer make-up essential that you're currently using? Bilgi x  

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