Monday 31 July 2017

Summer Styling White Jeans

Nothing says summer like a crisp pair of white jeans. Wherever you go in the world, you'll almost always find that white denim is a summer look that is championed both day and evening as it's minimalist, sleek and classic. If you have read my blog before, you'll know that I love my denim and white jeans are way up there with my all time favourite pieces.
On this occasion, I have paired them with a light stone washed denim shirt and a khaki summer shirt jacket as I always think that they're three shades look really effortlessly coordinated together. I also wore my denim wedges which I got from M&S as they literally match this shirt perfectly and I like the tan leather detailing of the strap. Plus, I do love a heel as I think it takes an outfit from being casual to that bit more sophisticated and transitional from day to evening.

Outfit pieces sourced from:
White Denim Jeans - 'Joni' high waisted style from Topshop // Shop here
Denim wedge heels - M&S // Shop Similar
Pale Denim Shirt - H&M // Shop Similar
Khaki summer Jacket - River Island // Shop Similar
These heels are my favourites for the summer because they are actually comfortable and I can walk in them effortlessly. I know that heels are often condemned for being tough to trek around the shops in or even go for an evening out in (trust me, I walk around Durham which is very 'olde worlde' aka cobbled so I understand big time!) but I think that the trick is to go for a wedge so that you aren't quite literally teetering around as stiletto heels are so narrow and prone to getting stuck, so a Cinderella moment could well happen! I still think that they look great though but on flat surfaces / indoors tends to be a safer bet! 

Styling The Denim Shirt
I like to roll the shirt sleeves up a bit for a laid back finish. I also tuck the base of the shirt into the jeans as this shows the high waisted style off and keeps the outfit looking sleek.

How do you like to style white denim? How would you make it transition into the Autumn season? Bilgi x

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