Saturday 22 July 2017

Denim & Wedges

Today I wanted to share with you all, one of my favourite Summer looks that I have put together. As this is the great British summertime and temperatures are not typically soaring to a sub-tropical climate, I've selected pieces which can be layered to add definition and texture, but also a (vital) layer of warmth! I am all about Topshop's fantastic range of jeans - if you actually go looking in the jeans section you will see just how many different styles and colours / cuts they have. I am a big fan of Topshop's 'Joni' style high waisted jeans, which I have purchased in deep blue and  also in crisp white which looks unreal in the summer, but this latest pair which I have been rocking is actually in their 'Leigh' style, which are low-rise and skinny fit which is the only style I go for apart from a pair of black velvet boot-cut jeans which I have for the Autumn / Winter season because hello, they're velvet and that just doesn't come along everyday, am I right?! I particularly like this look as it's casual yet put together if you know what I mean - the white jacket and denim wedges draw the whole ensemble together and make it truly fit for weekend drinks or meeting with friends.

Pieces From:-
Jeans - Leigh style from Topshop
White Jacket - 'Limited Collection' at Marks & Spencer
Wedges - Marks & Spencer
Tan bodysuit - 'Lycra' at Topshop 
As much as this is a Summer look, what's great about it is that the garments I've used to create it can easily be re-worked / styled for the upcoming A / W season so they're worth their weight in gold. Let's be honest, jeans are a wardrobe staple and are always in fashion, as denim is essentially a timelessly classic look. If you have checked out my other fashion posts - you can check them out here - you'll probably have seen a vintage Mustang denim jacket that I wear, so you'll know that denim is up there with my favourite fabrics to style.

Have you got a go-to look this summer or any Summer wardrobe favourites that you are currently loving? Bilgi x 

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