Saturday 20 May 2017

'Take The Day Off' with Clinique

A beauty and skincare routine is something we all should have in some form or another. I personally love to shake my routine up, try new products and introduce new steps to keep it fresh and interesting - after all, a skincare routine has to be practised twice daily, sometimes more. So when Clinique sent me their #TakeTheDayOff balm, I was completely delighted! As you may already know from my previous Clinique beauty blog post featuring their ever so popular Chubby Stick™ range (which you can read here, if you haven't already seen it) they are my skincare and make-up brand of choice as not only do I love their products, I adore their brand ethos and that everything which they produce is dermatologically tested, so it is completely gentle and skin friendly, even for those with sensitivities.
The Take The Day Off™ cleansing balm is a skincare revelation, offering a new effective method to make sure your skin is completely clean at the end of a busy day at work, university, hitting the gym, or whatever you've been up to. An alternative to the typical make-up wipe that we're all used to, and know all too well can be ineffective at removing certain, somewhat 'durable' parts of your make-up (I'm thinking waterproof mascara - hello 7am panda eyes!) Clinique's balm makes this make-up removal difficulty a thing of the past, as it perfectly dissolves make-up to leave you with a fresh faced and totally cleansed complexion. 
Making sure that you totally clean your skin is literally so important to ensure you don't have an unnecessary breakout as pores are easily blocked up by make-up residue. I have previously used Clinique's make-up remover for lids, lashes & lips from the 'Take The Day Off' range, and it is absolutely fantastic also and the range is all perfect for any skin type. This particular balm remover is applied slightly differently to what you might expect. It's a solid balm in the tub, so you simply have to scoop out a small amount, enough to thinly massage into your skin. Upon application, this lightweight cleansing balm transforms into a silky fluid oil, which can effortlessly remove eye and face make-ups, as well as any products which you've used that contain an SPF, as these creams are often heavy and contain skin clogging oils, that really need to be wiped away, so it's ideal to take away on holiday to ensure your skin is in an optimum healthy condition so that you can return with an even, healthy holiday glow. (Always use a high SPF whilst on holiday as that's essential for your skin's long-term health!)

Above: Clinique's 'Take The Day Off' balm - purchase a tub from Clinique online here.

In addition to how well Clinique's 'Take The Day Off' balm works, these wondrous qualities are further enhanced if you use a cotton cleansing cloth to gently remove the product once it has done the job. I've used a hot cloth cleanser before and there really is something about the way using one can make your whole face feel that bit cleaner and more fresh, as it truly draws out any impurities that you might otherwise miss if you just used your hands. To use one you just need to make sure the cloth is completely dredged in warm water and then gently wipe it in smooth light strokes across your whole face until all the product is taken away (It's non-greasy and non-drying so keeps your skin PH in perfect harmony). You can then give your face a quick rinse with warm water too before patting your face dry.
The solid balm (pictured above) transforms when it is warmed on your fingertips
Clinique also currently have a fabulous online offer where you can receive a free seven-piece Summer gift when you spend £45.00 or more. Just use code: SUMMER at the checkout. The gifts are always superb and this time around is no different - it includes a Pep-Start™ two-in-one exfoliating cleanser (30ml) and Pep-Start™ eye cream (7ml), Dramatically Different™ Moisturising Lotion + (30ml), classic High Impact™ mascara (3.5ml), a beautiful Long Lasting Lipstick in the summer shade 'Watermelon Soft Shine' (3.8g) and a Moisture Surge™ Extended Thirst Relief and all in a fabulous travel bag. Everything is conveniently perfectly sized for taking on your summer travels, wherever they may be! Guys don't need to feel left out because Clinique also have a fantastic range of skincare products for men. Currently, when you buy any Men's skincare product, you'll receive a free mini Clinique For Men™ Water-Gel Hydrating Concentrate (7ml). Just enter code: HYDRATOR at the checkout. You may have also seen their #BehindTheFace campaign featured online recently - Men's product list is viewable here.

You can follow Clinique on social media via their Instagram & Twitter
Check out Clinique's full #TakeTheDayOff range online. You can post a photo of your own product from the 'Take The Day Off' range for a chance to be featured in their online gallery too!

Have you tried any of Clinique's fantastic skincare or make-up products yet? (If not I highly recommend that you do, I love every Clinique product I have and I use them daily!) Do you have a favourite and what is it? I love hearing about all your beauty essentials and go-to products! Also if you have any beauty questions about Clinique, let me know in the comments and I'll answer them for you. Bilgi x
This post is written in collaboration with Clinique. All words and opinions remain my own.

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