Saturday 29 April 2017

Where To Afternoon Tea In The Lake District

Last weekend I visited one of my favourite parts of the country - The Lake District. It's a place where my family and I used to visit frequently and I have fond memories of it, so I was delighted when The Lakes Distillery kindly invited me to attend one of their distillery tours. The tour itself was really interesting as I had never been to a working distillery before - it's not the kind of thing you usually get the chance to do and seeing behind the scenes of how they produce their artisan drinks was amazing. There are so many stages in distilling to make top quality spirits and with their whisky it really is a labour of love, as it takes years to mature before it can be shaken into a cocktail. If you haven't yet seen my Cheers To The Weekend With The Lakes Distillery post, it features some really sophisticated drinks that you can try out this weekend!
After our tour, we went for afternoon tea in The Lakes Distillery's Bistro bar. I've always been a tea lover and accompanied by the treats that make up the ultimate afternoon tea, it made for a truly lovely afternoon event.
clockwise from the top: mini-chocolate cupcakes with buttercream and pink chocolate flowers, strawberry and almond tart, dark chocolate mouse with chocolate shards, blackberry macaroon, passionfruit panna cotta.  

Fruit and plain scones with Tiptree strawberry jam, butter and clotted cream

Our journey to the lake District that morning saw us driving through old towns and villages before turning out onto the main highway that passes through the hills, with views across the acres of agricultural fields which are dotted with sheep and at this time of year lambs too. It's amazing how easy it actually is to reach such an exquisitely scenic place.

Afternoon tea looking superb! You can take a look at The Lakes Distillery's Bistro menu and price lists here.

The blackcurrant macaroon was so delicious! Obviously it looks good but it tasted so fruity and "almondy" at the same time, I'd never tried a macaroon like this one before! Our afternoon tea had such a good variety of appetisers to try, it made the whole experience good fun. When I have been up to the lakes before, there is the occasional tendency that it can rain, but not last weekend, in fact, it was like a summer's day and when has there ever been a better time for afternoon tea than on such a day?

After our lovely tea, we had a walk around the distillery's country grounds. The Lakes Distillery even has it's own herd of Alpacas which you can take for a walk if you want to! They kind of remind me of camels just without the humps and with fringes! Have you been to the Lake District before? Where did you visit if you have? Bilgi x

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