Monday 30 January 2017

Serenity Spa Day At Seaham Hall

You know when you just want to unwind. To have a 'day off' from work, studies and anything that can get in the way of that sometimes rather elusive feeling of tranquillity? Yes, we have all been there. It is so easy to slip into a relentless cycle of work and forget to have any 'me time'. Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited by Seaham Hall Hotel and Spa, located in County Durham, to attend a day of pampering perfection at their Serenity Spa. From the initial drive up to the spa, you can tell that you're going to be in for a fabulous experience; located just a stone's throw away from the beach, yet nestled in amongst fields and trees, Seaham Hall Hotel and Spa is the ultimate place for a relaxing get away.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed to the spa and given our itinerary and a complimentary drink of revitalising raspberry tea as we filled out a form about our skin type, so that the treatments could be specially tailored to suit our requirements and help us get the most benefits out of them. We then were given a guided tour of the spa and their wide variety of facilities (which I'm going to tell you all about) before getting ready to begin our day of pampering perfection. I started my spa day with a Ytsara Ritual - this treatment is 60 minutes in duration and includes a foot bath followed by hydration with an oil treatment, full back massage and facial for which they even use a jade stone to help smooth the skin and close the pores. I love to talk so me and Nathalie who was doing my treatments had a good ol' chat for the hour! The treatment rooms are geared up to induce you into a state of ultimate relaxation, as they play lovely gentle music and even use adjustable heated blankets on the massage beds to help you stay warm during treatments, as your temperature can drop during massage.

Most of you will have experienced tension in your back and shoulders I'm guessing, and let me tell you, there is no better way to alleviate this than by having a massage with specific pinpoint focus on these areas. It was like being gradually unknotted which was really helpful! So many of us spend time sitting in uncomfortable positions, think hunched over your laptop, so it is really important to counterbalance this - your muscles will thank you for it!

After my treatments, I was taken to Serenity Spa's Zen Room for a post-treatment relaxation including a drink of ice water and some raspberry sorbet to help me feel replenished and rehydrated. It was lovely and with views across Seaham Hall's vast garden grounds, it was sublime to just sit back and unwind.

My day then saw me spending some time in the main area of the spa and enjoying some time in their glorious heated swimming pool. The last time I had been swimming was in the summer when I was in Cyprus and even in Mediterranean heat, the pool was icy cold, but not here. It was hands down the nicest and most relaxing pool I have ever been in. It's only natural to feel yourself tighten up when in cold water, so by having the water warm - effectively like a really good bath - it felt divine to be submerged and weightless as I swam. Their pool has fancy features, which I discovered upon pressing the 'big buttons', one of which sends a waterfall-like cascade of water into the pool, creating waves as if you were in the sea, the other sets off gentle ripples and bubbles what feel good as you swim / float / chat in the pool. We tried out the outdoor hot tubs which was also amazing - I'd never been in a hot tub before, let alone on a January day! Outside was SO cold but as soon as you hop into the tub you're instantly enveloped by underwater bubbles and get warm again - the steam is really atmospheric and the whole experience is uber fun, I would definitely recommend it! 

We lunched in the early afternoon in their beautiful Thai inspired restaurant 'Ozone', overlooking the hotel grounds and surrounded by other spa goers - we were all in our bathrobes and it was brilliant. How often do you get to experience that?! It was a first for me and a true indicator that we were all there to reconnect with our inner Ohm.

We had an appetiser of prawn crackers with a sweet chilli dip, then for the main dish, I had their Pad Thai Chicken with rice and my guest had a Red Thai Curry with King prawns and rice. We both opted for a decadent baked crème caramel with a banana infusion in the base, topped with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

After our lunch, it was back to the pool and time to try out all of the other facilities which Serenity Spa has to offer and there were a lot! We tried out their sauna with quarts crystal, sanaruim with crystal light therapy, black granite steam room with amethyst crystal, hammam which has its own snail showers (individual circular units) and Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy pool, traditional ice baths with ice fountain, foot baths and gym. Basically, everything you could possibly wish for from a spa was here.

Spa days at Seaham Hall come in a range of packages - we attended a 9am - 5pm spa day - for full details, check out Seaham Hall's website here. They also offer different spa day packages to suit everybody, so you could go on a morning, afternoon, evening or Twilight Spa experience depending on what you're looking for and how much time you've got available. Please see here for all of their offers. Memberships are also available and these include gym use - browse memberships.

Connect with Seaham Hall Hotel and Spa on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

After experiencing all the joys of a luxury spa, it's safe to say it is something I will be working into my diary to ensure a bit of me time in the future. A big thank you to Seaham Hall Hotel and Spa for inviting me, I had a really lovely time!

When was the last time you had a relaxing getaway? What do you normally do to unwind from a busy week? Bilgi x

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