Saturday 21 January 2017

Crimson and Cobbles

There is something sumptuous about wearing a delicate dress, paired with an elaborately glamorous coat. Fashion should be fun and like most things, an outfit should also be balanced, be in colour contrasts, varying fabric textures and carefully selected layers; layering is an art form and also a fashion topic which could take up a whole feature of its very own. As it's winter and absolutely freezing, it's all too easy to pull on the 'cosys' and lounge pants and forget about the dressing up, but that would be to refuse yourself all of the fun that dressing fanciful for an evening with friends really is, may that be a night out or just a few flutes of fizz and an excuse to catch up.

This grey tulle midi dress is new at Topshop and as soon as I saw it I was like 'Wow, that's so different!' which I love, as it can be really challenging to actually find garments which have a real uniqueness to them. I love how ethereal and floaty the over dress, made of slate grey tulle fabric looks in contrast and conjunction with my super-luxe red faux fur Topshop coat which I am loving this winter - you may have seen it featuring in my ultimate winter coat edit last month. Paired with some red crème lipstick, I was channelling some premier-on-the-red-carpet chic.

I always find that a new garment of clothing is like breathing new life into your wardrobe and can actually change the way your other favourite clothing staples look when they are worn together with the new piece. My red coat injects a glamour-puss aura into whatever outfit it's worn with and being a vivid shade of red, it is the perfect positive colour accompaniment to a grey northern day.

Shop this Topshop midi-dress here.

I'm also currently loving a grey tailored jacket with fluffy biscuit brown collar that Topshop has just brought out. There's something so classic about slate grey and its versatility which makes it harmoniously mix with other tones and colours. What's on your fashion lust list at the moment? Which brands have been catching your attention so far this season? Bilgi x

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