Wednesday 24 August 2016

Spotlight On: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skincare

As you might have guessed from the rather clever title, (if I may say so myself!) today’s post is focusing on The Body Shop’s tea tree skincare range which I invested in yesterday. As many teens / young people experience, outbreaks happen and as us girls know they often arrive at certain times of the month but can also be brought on by environmental factors which we experience such as stress, touching your phone then face palming after seeing something cringe, not washing your makeup brushes or sponges enough (I always wash mine with a gentle face wash to keep them clean and clear of nasties), the list could go on.
I wanted to shake up my skincare routine because it’s all very well using extra hydrating, UV filtering magic potions but I needed to target a specific skin issue and I know tea tree is an elixir which can work wonders on those pesky pimples. I’ve used tea tree stuff on my skin before; most recently I bought a rather fresh smelling tea tree and peppermint face cream which was fab. This time I bought a range of products to use in conjunction with each other and I’m going to be monitoring how well it works by measuring how clear my complexion is looking over the coming weeks. Below are the range of products I am currently using and how I’m finding them.

Skin Clearing Facial Wash
I used this for the first time last night and my first comment on it would be how clean your skin feels after washing with it. Unlike the other face wash I have been using, which is more sort of film like, making it difficult to wash away, this lathered up good and when you wash it off you can tell you’ve actually cleaned your pores properly. It has purifying tea tree oil in it from the foothills of mount Kenya and like all the Body Shop range of tea tree products, it smells so clean.

Skin Clearing Toner
I got four little (60ml) bottles of this and you’ve got to give it a good ‘lil shake up before you use it as the minerals and good stuff in it settle at the bottom. I found this toner to be really good and it mattifies your skin which basically means it’s taken away excess blemish causing oils. Infused with tamanu oil, it’s botanical name being Calophyllum Inophyllum, which helps to heal damaged skin (in this case acne marks, but it’s also used for healing scars and stretch marks). The oil contains the phytochemical known as calophyllolide which is anti-inflammatory.   This property, together with the oil’s ability to help support skin tissue regeneration, makes it well suited to treat dry and oily skin conditions such as eczema and acne both of which can flare up. It has also got other phytochemicals in the oil which give rise to antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. A huge thumbs up from me.

Skin Clearing Lotion
This lightweight hydration with shine control for clearer looking skin is really good as it doesn’t leave me feeling caked in cream which is really greasy. It is refreshing in scent just like all the other products and I applied it all over my skin as it will actually help improve spots, not make them worse like some moisturisers which have all the wrong oils in them.

Pore Minimiser
Yet to actually try this last product but looking forward to it as it makes pores look smaller, makes skin feel purer, smoothes, primes and instantly mattifies. It’s kind of like a primer with extra botanically beneficial goodness infused in it.

I hope this post is informative for any of you looking to improve your skin. Even if you’re complexion is fine, this range smells great and is good for when you want a proper facial cleanse. The range of tea tree products can be viewed on The Body Shop’s site here.
Bilgi x

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