Friday 26 August 2016

Pastel Galaxy Nails

If like me you look at the wonder that is Pinterest with awe and adoration, as you scroll past the gorgeous things people have made and designed then this next design 'how to' is going to wow you. I haven't painted my nails that much (so far) this year, as I was SO busy with university, this being my graduation year don't you know?
Yesterday I wanted to paint them different, in a style I've not actually properly attempted before. Alas, galaxy nails it was and for a unique twist, I decided to do them pastel style, as I'm into pretty pale colours as I think they can be easier on the eye. I'm going to tell you how you can also get your nails looking like this. Scroll for more.

You will need:-
A make up / nail art sponge (kitchen sponges don't work, been there, tried that)
lots of nail poilish. I used:-
'Sugar Apple' blue by Barry M
'Strawberry' pink 309 by Barry M
'Candy Floss' pink 06 by Accessorize
'Berry' lilac 308 by Barry M
'Shot Purple' 405 by No. 7
'Pink Grapefruit' by 17
'Matt White' by Barry M
Iridescent by Topshop
'Pink Iridescent' by Barry M

A few of the polishes I used to create this look

1. Paint your nails a base coat colour with the soft lilac. Two coats did it for me. Dry.

2. Start by gently sponging the deeper purple onto the outer edges of each nail. Gradually build up all of the colours in any style you like. You can do this style however you like because it's always going to look different! Try to keep some bits darker / lighter as these will help the design to 'pop' and look fab.

3. Dry. Then add some stars if you're feeling like the design needs more. Glitter top coat seals it all in and is really the best finishing touch you can have!

4. All done! This will take a while to dry thouroughly but it's worth it!

Have an experiment and hope you love your mystical nails as much as I love mine! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this design idea.


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