Wednesday 5 November 2014

DIY Autumn Night Tea Lights

So the Autumn is well and truly upon us and what better way to embrace this truly beautiful time of the year than by watching fireworks like I have been doing tonight, eating toffee apples and hot chocolate, foraging for apples and seeing who can collect the shiniest conkers. I wanted to get a bit creative and create some Autumn night tea lights with a Autumnal twist. Read on to get inspired...
Fairies at the bottom of the garden will love these!

To make these fabulous lights, you will need:
2 jam jars
2 tea lights
Autumnal leaves 

The rest is quite straight forward really. You just need to arrange your leaves inside the jam jars out of reach from the tea light's flame and ta dah! You have created simply the most beautiful tea lights you will see all Autumn. What's fab about these is that they look lovely both during the daytime and at night, so they are fab decoration for both indoors and outdoors (as long as you keep an eye on them for safety at all times!) and also make super centre pieces for a table for a candle lit dinner! See my photographs below for what they will look like when it's dark.

By night.

Do you have any creative seasonal DIY know-how tricks? Let me know if you do, I love trying out this kind of stuff!

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