Thursday 30 October 2014

Halloween Dress Up

So Halloween is officially tomorrow and what better way to celebrate this fabulously spooky festivity than by playing dress up! I'm not talking scary costumes or ripped bed sheets people, I'm thinking black lace, sleek skirts and lots of glitter!

Tonight I have been embracing my inner Kitty for a Halloween Informal 'Formal' Dinner at my university college. It was a very fancy affair with more Jack-o-lanterns than I've ever seen in one place, and decadent chocolate moose cake and cream to finish off a fabulous evening of chatter with friends and absorbing the ambiance of the college in which I lived for a full year during year one of my degree studies. For anyone not entirely sure what I mean by 'college' at university, some old/traditional universities are split into a collegiate system, where you'll live in a designated college when you initially start. It's like being at boarding school really, and is a place where everyone will end up knowing everything, but is also a fab place for making a really close-knit group of friends. Anywayyyy, this is the outfit I donned for this evening's antics...

Yes, you have seen correctly, this is me and my girl Nicki Minaj. We have a cardboard cut out of her in my house you see. Where dis she come from and how did she get there will remain an elusive mystery.

Outfit from:
Top - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Necklace - vintage
Kitten Ears - Accessorize
What look will you be rocking this Halloween season?

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  1. Aw you looked so cute! I love the sound of your college's Halloween dinner. Haha loving the nicki cutout.


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