Thursday 13 September 2012

Let Them Eat Cake...

Okay, so today I have been on a cupcake adventure, baking cupcakes, as you are about to see. It was fun and decorating then was F.A.B! Nothing beats shaking a bit of glitter! I went for a subtle lemon and almond flavouring in the cake mixture, as I thought it’s be a little bit different and scrummy yummy. Message me with some of your cakey ideas if you’d like to. These photos are in order for you, so go on, indulge and feast your eyes! …

Thank you old Bero book, you have the answers to all my cakey questions!

Cake mix...Mix it up!

Before baking!

Jam splodge!

Cupcake cases! So pretty!

Mmm, icing's like sweet clouds...


After baking!

Fashionable cupcakes!


Sprinkling the glitter!

Candy Kittens inspired cupcakes!

Cupcake heaven! So much fun!

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