Sunday 27 June 2021

New Season Shades: Organic Lipsticks from 'Lavera'

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to today's blog feature! I haven't shared a purely makeup feature of a few weeks so today's post will fulfill all those new makeup needs you may have, especially if you're currently looking for a new favourite lipstick because today's post is all about the new shades which Lavera, one of my favorite skincare and natural makeup brands have recently released! (They also have a new UK website which you can shop here). Their Bio Organic lipsticks are not only stunning and in a really wide shade range, guaranteeing you'll be able to find a shade to suit you and whatever your current vibe is for the season, they are also full of skin nourishing goodness that will enhance your natural lips and help to show them off to their full potential, which is of course what we're wanting! So you know the drill, go grab a cup of tea and let me show you some lovely newness that you're going to want to add to your own makeup routine! (I have also linked every product I mention plus a variety of similar shades in case you'd like to explore Lavera's shade range because honestly there are so many and as well all know, variety is the spice of life!)...

Kissed By Nature  x
Lavera's lipsticks are revolutionary in comparison to so many other cosmetics out there, because they are both organic and natural, so they deliver both exceptional cosmetic results, all the whilst also supporting the lips to look and feel nourished and hydrated. I also recently tried one of Lavera's lip glosses which you can read about in this feature, and oh WOW, it's my current favourite because it delivers not only an incredibly beautiful look but an intense hydration hit too!

Their Bio Organic lipsticks which are what I was kindly sent, are comprised of active ingredients and mineral pigments. They are also colour intense lipsticks which deliver a true pop of colour to really draw your makeup look together. The shades come from four different colour pallets to guarantee a huge spectrum to select from no matter what you go-to shade(s) are. The colour is long lasting and the creamy texture of these lipsticks also helps to make them easily blendable with your lipliner of choice. They are formulated with organic Jojoba oil, coconut oil and organic blossom butter too.

What's also really notable is these lipsticks have no petrochemicals or parabens in them, and they are free from synthetic fragrance, colours and preservatives too. 

A Shade for Every Occasion
The shades I received are truly beautiful and for Autumn / Winter the deep and intense berry shades and rich reds are going to be perfect! 

Blooming Red 49, Deep Berry 51 and Elegant Copper 50 are intense and so seasonal for the autumn / winter. 

Soft Apricot 45 and Rosy Tulip 46 are lovely soft toned lipsticks which would also be perfect for everyday use especially if you love pastel tones. These are also great for enhancing your natural lip shape and size, as the more neutral and natural your lipstick colour, the bigger it'll help your lips to look. 

You can shop these colours plus more on Lavera's website: Blooming Red 49 // Deep Berry 51 // Elegant Copper 50 // Rosy Tulip 46 // Soft Apricot 45

I hope you enjoyed this makeup feature and found a new lipstick shade that you would love to add to your own makeup routine! I love these lipsticks and would definitely recommend as they are both highly effective as well as all-natural and enriched with organic goodness, so what's not to love!? Do let me know what your favourite shade is and if you treat yourself or a friend / family member to one! Love, Bilgi   x

You Can Shop Lavera's Lipstick Collections On Amazon And Get Them Tomorrow Here


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