Thursday 11 February 2021

Sleep-Well Self-Care Treats from 'Kiss The Moon'

2021 is well and truly underway and now more so than ever, it's so important to ensure to give yourself self-care treats to maintain a 'pep in your step' and your morale. A small treat to yourself isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity and you're so worth treating! And as we all know, love has to start with you so as we head towards Valentine's Day and beyond, I thought it the perfect time to show you this simply beautiful gift set that Kiss The Moon (one of my all time favourite brands!) has available, as there's a lovely variety of cute skincare, bath and body care products that you're guaranteed to love and they'll no doubt become some of you go-to skincare and body care indulgences. Read on for more...

Give The Gift of Tranquil Sleep
The gift set which I received came complete with a luxurious drawstring velvet pouch and has within it the dreamiest collection of products, including an adorable mini aromatherapy candle in their 'DREAM' fragrance (this combination if essential oils in an all-natural soy wax candle is divine - the relaxing lavender with a fresh twist of bergamot really makes this candle a must use before bed. Simply light, enjoy a good book and a chamomile tea for the full effects!) and their 'LOVE' Bedtime Bath Salts which really do make your evening soak in the bath all the more luxurious. Fragranced with both rose and frankincense to soothe aching muscles and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, these salts are a truly indulgent self-care treat! The essential oils in them also help to nourish the skin whilst you soak, so they really do make a bath a holistic experience! In addition to these fabulous products, there is a 'CALM' travel sized face oil which has re-balancing jasmine and white tea seed oil in it, to settle stressed out skin overnight whilst you rest. You can also add the face oil to your nightly moisturiser for a quenching hit when your skin feels like it needs it. 

The set also comes with a luxurious silk eye mask to help you get the rest you deserve. Everything you could possibly need to sleep beautifully!...

Currently over on the 'Kiss The Moon' website, there is a lovely offer that will enable you to receive a free copper cosmetics bag when you place an order of £30 or more. Another great reason to check out their divine collections now!

There are so many lovely gift sets available from Kiss The Moon and they are always making amazing new collections, so they are certainly a brand you can rely on for new and interesting gifts for yourself or a loved one, no matter what the season or occasion. You can check out their full range of gift sets on their website here

So there you have my self-care treats guide all about the amazing gift sets that 'Kiss The Moon' have available! Do let me know if you've ever tried any of Kiss The Moon's amazing skincare and body care collection or if you will be treating yourself to some of their products this winter! Love, Bilgi   x

This post contains PR samples which have been kindly gifted. All views are honest and my own.


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