Wednesday 13 May 2020

12 Must Try Glossier Skincare & Beauty Products

Hello my lovelies and welcome to a brand new beauty and skincare blog feature, this time exclusively dedicated to Glossier. I have been mooning over their beautiful products as of late and I thought now the perfect opportunity to show you some of my absolute favourites. Not only is Glossier a producer of incredibly aesthetically pleasing products, they are also a brand who have really delved into beauty and what a beauty regime really is. They asked and thousands of women shared their opinions about products that they wish existed and Glossier started making dreams a reality! Glossier believes in having fun with beauty wherever you are on your journey, and their products have a wonderful way of instilling that bubbly feeling of playfulness. I have linked all of these exquisite products in the post for you so if any of these catch your eye and make you feel inspired, just click on the photo or the numbered links and you'll be transported into the oh so dreamy world of Glossier. So let's jump right into my 12 Must Try Glossier products and be sure to let me know if you decide to treat yourself to any!

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1. Lash Slick - This is a hugely popular product at the moment from Glossier. It is lengthening and smudge-proof too!

2. Rose Balm - With its 'barely there' pink tint, this is a grab and go essential for you handbag. (I always ensure I have a lip balm with me as you should always keep your lips supple and hydrated.)

3. Boy Brow - For fuller, fluffier brows which are still beautifully natural, this promises to do wonders.

4. The Blush and Highlight Duo - Cloud paint / light weight buildable cheek colour makes you look like you're naturally glowing from within and the Niteshine high-impact highlighter is a wonderful way to accentuate your glow. As a duo, they'd be so fun to use!

5. Milk Jelly Cleanser - This is a moisturising face wash that won't strip the skin, but gently cleanse and nourish.

6. Solution - Exfoliating skin perfector. Visible results after use for 4 weeks.

7. Soothing Face Mist - A 'hands-free' way to add moisture back into your skin throughout the day. Rosewater helps to nourish.  

8. Lip Gloss - A quick sweep of this and you're instantly looking more polished with an irresistible cushiony, glassy shine.

9. Pro Tip - Liner for eyes, in a flash. 

10. Priming Moisturiser - Buildable, hydrating cream.

11. Lid Star - Make your lids glow and pop in a simple sweep.

12. Hand Cream - To keep hard working hands looking cute!

Which products were your favourites? Will you be trying out anything from Glossier for yourself? Love, Bilgi   x

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