Sunday 5 April 2020

Integrity Haircare Routine from milk_shake Haircare Review

Haircare is something which I really love. It goes without saying that you have to look after your locks if you want them to be in good, healthy condition and the products which you use will make a significant impact. I have tried lots of different haircare and I have to say, I absolutely adore every product that I've tried from Milk_Shake. I was kindly sent their Integrity range recently and it is specifically formulated to nourish the hair and leave it looking and feeling fabulous. It is enriched with organic muru muru butter to re-hydrate, replenish and restore the integrity of the hair. So go grab some tea and let me talk you through your hair's new hero products!... 


If you didn't already know about Milk_Shake, then let me tell you a bit about them (I may well be introducing you to your new favourite haircare brand!). They are a salon hair care brand and their products harness the benefits of both milk and fruit to deliver extraordinary results for the discerning consumer and salon professional.

I have been trying out the Milk_Shake Haircare Integrity Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Integrity Intensive Treatment and the Integrity Repairing Hair Treatment capsules which you apply to your hair whilst it is damp for a powerful haircare boost. I'll talk through the products in order that you'd use them so let me tell you about the shampoo to begin with. Using Milk_Shake's shampoo has really been an eye opener for me. I used to just think that this was the part where hair 'got clean', but I was mistaken as this is actually the point that hair can have it's first hydration hit as well as be gently cleansed! From the first was, I noticed a significant difference in the way my hair actually feels. When you wash the shampoo out, you can instantly tell that it has been sleeked and nourished as it feels silky smooth and lustrous.

The Power of Milk_Shake's Integrity Nourishing Shampoo
"Cleanses gently with its salt-free and sulphate free formula containing organic Muru Muru butter, helping to maintain hair colour. It nourishes, conditions and moisturises instantly, eliminating frizz, leaving hair soft and radiant." - Milk_Shake
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The Milk_Shake Haircare Conditioner from their Integrity range supports the hair further. (Prepare to have your hair taken to higher levels of haircare bliss as this conditioner goes above and beyond the realms of your run of the mill conditioner.) First off, this whole range even beyond the Integrity collection smells truly divine. It is hands down the best smelling haircare I have used! It is sweet, fruity and smells totally edible. I apply it to damp hair once I have washed it twice and then leave it on for at least 2-3 minutes so that my hair gets the full benefits. You can comb it through as well so that it nourishes your hair from the root to tips. For me personally, using this range feels like such a treat and makes washing my hair feel like a step in my beauty regime rather than just a chore!

Milk_Shake's Integrity Conditioner: Super Shine Awaits
Formulated specifically to condition and nourish all hair types, preserving the integrity of hair colour. It contains organic Muru Muru butter with a conditioning and nourishing action.

If you just can't get enough of the Integrity rage, that's absolutely fantastic news as they also have Intensive Treatments which you can also apply to nourish and hydrate your hair even further! Their single use capsule treatments are perfect for anyone whose hair is significantly in need of moisturising; this can be particularly important if you have coloured / chemically treated hair or highlights / bleached hair. It is a protein based hair repairing treatment that has amino acids in it. Wondering if there's a secret ingredient? Well there really is! The exclusive ingredient is called Integrity 41 and it improves colour stability, leaving hair healthy and soft.

~ Active ingredients ~
Strawberry extract, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, milk proteins, blueberry extract.

~ Use ~
Apply the content of the vial evenly over damp, clean hair, concentrating on lengths and ends. Leave in for 3-5 minutes. For damaged hair: cover the hair with a plastic cap and warm under a heat source for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and proceed with the desired style.

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I have been really enjoying using the milk_shake Integrity Intensive Treatment as the Muru Muru butter in it really does ensure that hair is moisturised and left feeling smooth and soft, with its health and vitality re-balanced and restored. It is also excellent for helping to eliminate frizz and it works by sealing the hair cuticle which in turn prevents damage. The range is also great for protecting your hair colour too if you colour your hair and as it helps to detangle, the hair's manageability also increases. (It also smells literally incredible. It is a hair care must if you also love your hair to have a delicious scent that lasts!)

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I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest haircare go-to products and were inspired to go forth and try them for yourself too. If you have been thinking about switching up your haircare regime, I can't recommend milk_shake highly enough. Their products are a dream! Here's to good hair days! Love, Bilgi   x 

This blog post contains PR samples from Milk_Shake Haircare. All views remain honest and my own.

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