Monday 9 December 2019

Organic, Natural & Bulgarian Rose Infused Skincare from Alteya Organics


Skincare is a wonderful thing to gift to friends and loved ones, especially if it is from a wonderful natural brand which has a host of skin supporting and beneficial ingredients in it. Today I am bringing you an exclusive beauty and skincare feature in collaboration with the lovely Alteya Organics, the makers of natural, organic skincare which is made using only the very finest Bulgarian Rose oils and extracts, all of which are sourced from the heart of the Rose Valley. Their skincare collection is certified organic and uses only the finest natural ingredients, making their products simply sublime and a luxurious gift that anybody woud be more than lucky to receive. 

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I also have a discount code for you. (Yay!) Just use my code 'BILGI' at the checkout for 15% off your entire order. You can also shop Alteya Organics here and the code is already applied. So go grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy this skincare and beauty feature about Alteya Organics and their beautiful skincare collection. (You may even want to treat yourself to a few of these skincare treats, they're that good!)

To start off this feature, I have got to talk about Alteya's gorgeous Bio Damascena Rose Otto Body Lotion. Shop it on the Alteya Organics website. This wonderful lotion is rich, nourishing and deeply hydrating. It helps to transform dull and tired, dry skin into radiant, supple and smooth skin which is glowing with health and vitality. The mesmerising rose aroma seduces the senses, inspires harmony and empowers the spirits.

I love how easily this body lotion sinks into the skin and how truly luxurious it feels and smells too. It's a total treat for all the senses and it is a perfect gift to buy for a loved one.

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A Serum To Transform Your Skin
The Bio Damascena Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate (30ml - £55.00) is an innovative, super powerful, high-performance serum. It's so effective that within 15 minutes you will see a difference in your skin's tone and texture. It makes your skin smooth, reduces the appearance of wrinkles as well as improves the skin's luminosity. Shop it here. Code 'BILGI' for 15% off!

The science behind it's potent ability to revive the skin is the natural rose extracts which are in it. This highly luxurious product is perfect for more mature skin or that which requires a luscious bout of hydration to bring it back to looking and feeling its very best. It stimulates cell regeneration without the use of any harmful chemicals. This non-toxic formula uses bio-active ingredients to give the skin back its natural glow. You will see this product's optimum effectiveness within 30 days of using it, as this amount of time will have given your skin the opportunity to really get the full spectrum of benefits. If brighter, softer and younger-looking skin is what you seek, this is the product which you have been waiting for!

The Ageless Rose Otto Face Cream is another of Alteya's highly effective moisturises. It comes in a jar and is a really decadent, creamy formula, again perfect for providing a supple and deeply nourishing hit of goodness to your skin and making it look and feel literally incredible. This cream is best used if you're trying to reduce the appearance of any lines and wrinkles, as well as firm your skin, rejuvenate it and of course, nourish it deeply. It is enriched with rare Bulgarian Rose Oil which is a highly prized and expensive natural ingredient. What is also great about it, is that it is suitable for all skin types, and will really benefit skin which is dry or needs to have some life added back into it.

For night time use, Alteya also do a simply wonderful night moisturiser. The Rose Otto Night Moisturiser is a wholesome, certified organic night cream which is a perfect choice to soften, smooth and condition the skin overnight whilst you rest. This is when the skin and body more generally repairs itself too, so why not give it a helping hand with some of this luscious night moisturiser?! By actively restructuring the skin's texture, this moisturiser helps to nourish and repair any damage which was done to the skin during the day. Like all of the fabulous products in Alteya's range, it smells beautiful too. You can shop it online here and use my code BILGI for 15% off your order.

So there you have an exclusive guide to just some of the truly beautiful, natural and certified organic skincare which Alteya Organic's create. I personally love each of these products and they all make a big difference to the way my skin looks and feels, keeping it healthy and full of youthful glow! Which products would you most like to try out? Remember, you can shop the full site here and get 15% off with my code BILGI. Wishing you all the most wonderful and beautiful Christmas! Festive love, Bilgi   x 

This post contains gifted items from Alteya Organics. All views are honest and my own.

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  1. Skincare is a lovely present to give to friends and loved ones, especially if it comes from a fantastic natural brand that has a plethora of skin-supporting and healthy elements.


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