Monday 25 November 2019

The Spicy Citrus Winter Wonderland Christmas Cocktail with Newcastle Gin

Christmas is an unmistakably magical time of the year. I don't know anybody who doesn't thoroughly love it and all the tinsel-adorned-snowflake-covered wonder that comes nicely parcelled with such a time. When I think of the festive season, I think of spending time with friends and family, admiring the Christmas lights and aromas of the European markets and trying a new tipple or two. I mean it's Christmas and only right to, wouldn't you agree?! Innovatively flavoured gin has burst onto the scene over the past couple of years and it's easy to see why. It's interesting, unique and elevates a classic G and T to dizzy new heights and taste sensations! For every flavoured gin, there's a fabulous tonic to match and perfectly compliment it too and really, you need never have the exact same drink twice as there are so many different ways to shake, stir and mixology your way to the ultimate G and T!

Today's Christmas Cocktail collaboration is with the ever so fabulous Newcastle Distillery Co. Based in Northern England in one of the countries most bustling and lively cities, of course famous for it's night-life scene, it seemed only right that such a place were to have its very own distillery. Offering a selection of classic gins, and those with a fun new flavour twist, Newcastle Gin create artisan spirits that are certain to help you create the most exuberant of Christmas cocktails when you're hosting this season, guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face! They also have gin tasting events in Newcastle at their distillery in Bealim House, for those who would like an immersive experience and to see where the distilling magic happens. With welcome drinks, talk about the distillery and an interactive session with their 'Ginthusiasts' as well as samples of each of their gins, their two distillery events would be perfect gifts for the gin lover in your life! You can check out their Distillery Events and Gin Tasting days here.

A pink colour gin is a wonderful addition to your drinks cabinet, as it looks beautifully jewel-like and it's a talking point for guests when they're selecting their drinks. Newcastle Distillery Co.'s Pink Gin is made using the finest botanicals and raspberries and strawberries, for fruity, sweet flavour notes.

This full strength gin adds a delightful fresh element to a cocktail and is suitably complimented by the addition of berry garnishes like strawberries, raspberries, cranberries for a festive touch, a mixer (rose lemonade would be perfect to add to the pretty pinky hue) and served over plenty of ice. You could even add a flavoured sugar stirrer if you are particularly fond of a sweet drink, as this additional sweetness would compliment the flavour of this very nicely indeed.

Shop Newcastle Gin's Pink Gin online here - £30.45 for a 700ml bottle

The London Dry Gin that Newcastle Gin Co. produce is a total classic and for any drinks connoisseur, a must for you liquor cabinet. This is their original gin and has been carefully crafted with subtle notes of juniper, sumac, orange peel, Iranian hibiscus flower, rose petal and coriander. For the classicist, this is perfect served with a good Indian tonic water or if you like to jazz up your drinks with garnishes and decorative elements, add your favourite fruits, dried botanicals like dried orange or aromatic lemon slices, cinnamon sticks and a ginger beer flavoured tonic water for the ultimate Christmas drink! I am going to use the London Dry Gin to mix up a cocktail that I think will suit everybody's taste this Christmas and I will be using the following ingredients to make it the most aromatic, spicy, festively citrus infusion you've come across! This drink is fab because you can serve it up either hot or cold, and each way it tastes great and is a perfectly festive infusion, guaranteed to get the festivities in full flow.

The Spicy Citrus Winter Wonderland Cocktail 
Recipe to make 1 cocktail - scale up for dinner parties and gatherings:
You will need:
1 x gin glass
1 shot of Newcastle Gin's original London Dry Gin
ice (if serving up cold)
sugar for the edge of the glass
Zest of an orange
Fresh slices of orange
Fresh slices of apple
Fresh slices of mandarin
A squeeze of fresh orange
Ginger beer tonic to mix
Star anise (optional)

How to mix up:
1. Start by adding the sugar to the edge of the glass (beautifully decorative and also makes for a nice sweet addition whilst you sip) and follow with the ice and fruits that you'll be using to flavour the cocktail.

2. Follow this with the addition of Newcastle Gin's London Dry Gin. I would recommend 1 shot per cocktail.

3. Now add in the ginger beer mixer and star anise if you wish. Swirl in the glass to thoroughly combine the flavours together.

4. Serve up immediately and make sure you've made one for yourself too!

Newcastle Gin's London Dry Gin - £35.45 for a 700ml bottle

Keep up to date with Newcastle Gin via their social media platforms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

So there you have it! My Spicy Citrus Winter Wonderland Christmas Cocktail, made using Newcastle Gin's London Dry Gin. It's a perfectly balanced drink with a super festive feel and will warm you from the inside out thanks to the ginger beer addition! Let me know if you would serve this up hot like a fruit punch or if you'd keep it chilled for a classic cocktail drink. If you're looking to buy some artisan spirits for someone this Christmas, be sure to check out Newcastle Gin's website and shop their range as they have some marvellous drinks creations that any gin lover would be thrilled to receive! Hope you have the most splendid and gin-tastic Christmas! Festive love, Bilgi   x 

This post is sponsored by Newcastle Gin. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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