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Getting Festive Ready with Odylique

So the Christmas party season is about to get started and it's time for us to add some much needed sparkle, glitz and glamour to our outfits, makeup routines and general life! *Queue the sparkly eyeliner, body shimmer and tinsel hair decorations!*. Around Christmas, it's not just about prepping yourself for endless, fizz filled evenings though, it's also about making yourself feel good just for you and taking some much needed 'me time' as the year wraps up. After all, girl, you deserve it! I've collaborated with Odylique, a fabulous, pioneering natural and organic brand who have been making gentle skincare for sensitive skin for over 25 years, to bring you some of their top products which are guaranteed to get you 'festive ready'. Whether you're in need of a weekend of festive cosiness with some beauty TLC included in the mix, or you are indeed prepping for a champagne fuelled stream of glittering Christmas outings, this blog feature will show you exactly how to get ready from head to heel. So without further ado, let's get ready!

Any good festive preparation has got to begin with making yourself feel fresh and ready for the occasion, so I would suggest starting with a long soak in the bath and really channelling your inner peace and Zen state of mind. Odylique make some truly amazing organic skincare, bath and body products, including their Lavender Hand and Body Wash. Suitable for sensitive skin and with skin-calming properties, it is a wonderful way to help you unwind. If your day involved decorating the Christmas tree from floor to ceiling and you need an evening of relaxation to balance out the festive frivolity or you are excited for a Christmas party and are hoping to get caught under the mistletoe by a special someone, this lavender based product works to induce a feeling of total serenity and calm.

"Fragrant organic lavender to calm the skin and senses." ~ Margaret, Founder

This 100% natural bath product is suitable for vegans and is certified organic and Cruelty-Free. The formula is super creamy and moisturising. This is all thanks to the aloe and extra virgin olive oil base that it is made out of. When I first tried this, I instantly noticed the calming effect which the organic lavender essential oil had. As soon as you smell it, you are made to feel more grounded and calm. It's like magic, or rather, aromatherapy at its very best. I also have a great discount code that you can apply at the checkout when you shop Odylique's website. Use Coconut10 to get a fabulous 10% off your online order from Odylique online.

Once you're all squeaky clean, your skin will be in need of some moisturising to add some important hydration back into it. And this is where I have a selection of fabulous different products to show you. You'll already know that I love skincare and trying different body care products out if you have been reading my blog for a while. That's why I'm so excited to be talking about three different moisturisers that all work wonders for the skin to help create and sustain a supple, smooth and softening effect. Oh, and they're all natural, vegetarian-friendly and packed full of organic plant-based ingredients. Consider these a smoothie for the skin: nutritious, skin-healthy and a moreish skincare treat you'll want to keep reaching for time and time again. 

I'm going to start with Odylique's Toning Fruit Butter. Promising the user soothing hydration that has the power to even out skin tone and can be used across the board on all skin types including sensitive skin, it is a dream product for anyone looking to banish dryness. The fact it is also fast to absorb is a bonus. Sumptuously packed with an array of active ingredients including sea buckthorn, a plant known to be rich in omega 7, this powerhouse of an ingredient helps to protect against UV damage and also aids to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by deeply nourishing the skin.

It has the most wonderful, uplifting scent which mainly comes from the naturally toning fruit oils which are present; citrus is known to be invigorating and sharpens the senses as well as helps to promote better moods. When I say this smells good enough to eat, I really mean it too! It reminds me of a citrusy desert, light, zingy and very refreshing yet still really indulgent.

When I think about the most skin soothing natural, raw ingredients, my mind often will think of raw Shea, coconut (literally good for everything) and extra virgin olive fruit oils, and they are all present in the Toning Fruit Butter. If you're going to wear a LBD for an evening out this Christmas, this will help you to get party leg ready and make them feel great as well as have a sexy glossy look when the light catches you! (You can thank me later!)  

The Toning Fruit Butter is £20.00 from Odylique - Shop it here

Depending upon your fragrance preference, there are a couple of other great body moisturisers that you can also try out from Odylique. If you love a classic, romantic scent, then their Rose Velvet Body Lotion will be a product to add to your Christmas wish list. This skincare treat delivers pure botanical hydration and has antioxidant-rich tropical fruit butters in it. With pro-collagen reparative rosehips, calming and toning rose petals and soothing and regenerative aloe juice, this is an effortless way to make your skin nourished and feel loved this season.  

If you love a more tropical scent to your body products, then you will be won over by Tropical Bliss Body Silk, a skin-quenching soothing, goodness packed moisturiser perfect for everyday use. (If you're a winter sun seeker, this is also perfect to be used as after-sun!). All of Odylique's body moisturisers deliver nourishing goodness and in this particular skincare wonder, hydrating coconut and cocoa butters, along with superfood avocado, sea buckthorn, reparative calendula, lavender and aloe juice which is known for its skin supporting benefits are all present. Talk about a powerhouse of skincare treats! The fragrance is light, soothing and immediately relaxing. Perfect for a chilled movie evening when you want to feel all cosy and sublime before indulging in a luscious hot chocolate and festive films. Shop this natural skincare here.  

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A Nude Mode: Mastering The Art of The Neutral Lip
For the Christmas party season, a statement red lip has always been a highly popular choice. Festive, sexy and attention grabbing, it's a classic but sometimes a more understated, muted tone does just compliment an outfit better and can also be easily transitioned from day to night. If you're planning on attending every festive get together (and I mean why not?!...) you might be dashing from work to drinks, to a night out, so that's a day you need to be ready! I have been looking at Odylique's fabulous Organic makeup collection and they have some lipsticks that are worth treating yourself to for the season! My personal favourite shade is the colour '15 Praline' which is a classy nude with an irresistible finish. It has a pinky, nude sheen which effortlessly enhances your natural lip colour. All of Odylique's lipsticks are pure, vibrant mineral colours with 8 organic vitamin-rich botanicals to enhance, moisturise and care for your lips. There are no artificial colours used in their pigments either, which is incredible and very unique. 100% natural and 100% fabulous! 

The Finishing Touch: How To Master The Perfect Lip Look
There are a few different ways I would suggest wearing this lipstick, depending upon the overall effect you are aiming to achieve. I always start by adding lip balm whilst doing the rest of my makeup as my lipstick is the last thing which I do. Before lipstick, I always lipline to create the desired shape I'm after, which can vary depending upon the rest of my makeup look. Only then are you're ready to apply a pop of colour. You can either go for a full block shade by swiping over a kissable amount of the colour and blending it into your lips evenly. Beautiful every time and also super simple! If you're feeling fancy though, you can go one or two steps above and beyond... You can either use a slightly darker lipstick (Odylique do a variety of shades which you can browse here) and then highlight and accentuate your pout by adding this lighter colour into the centre part on your upper and lower lip. Blend out carefully for that sophisticated ombre effect that works to accentuate your pout and make it look 'full volume'. Feeling super fancy? I've got you covered. You can also then add a clear gloss on top (I would recommend gently patting this on so that you don't disrupt the ombre art you've just laid down).

You could add a subtle shimmer lip gloss if you're all about the sparkle at Christmas too. Pair with your festive attire and a sleek heel and you're good to go! (Your mistletoe awaits!...)

~ Shop Odylique's organic makeup collection here ~

You can use my discount code Coconut10 to get a fabulous 10% off your online order from Odylique! Go go go!

Because a Christmas night out (or 10!...) is an event in the yearly calendar, I have taken it upon myself to include a little list of important handbag necessities which I feel are unquestionably vital to have. Feel free to check these off your list / print screen it so that you feel as prepared and chilled as possible before embarking on your festive frivolities which no doubt awaits over the coming weeks!... 

~ Festive Bag Essentials 101 ~
Card and cash
Taxi cab numbers (always good to have written down incase phone runs out of juice!)
Hair bobbles
Mini perfume
Mints / toothbrush + toothpaste if you've got an after work outing
Powder makeup (why does this sound so 1940s?)
Anything else you can think of and that will fit into an evening bag!

So there you have it, my getting festive ready beauty prep guide exclusively with Odylique! I hope that you found out about some new products that you will be trying out or might even be treating a lucky someone to this Christmas! Whether you will be indulging in lots of festive themed cosy nights snuggled up with loved ones or if you'll be out on the town, sipping champagne with pink truffles and dancing to all those festive tunes (or both, balance is important!) I hope you have a wonderful festive season and may the magic of Christmas be with you! Festive love, Bilgi   x

This blog post is sponsored by Odylique. All views and opinions are my own.


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