Tuesday 18 June 2019

Summer Lovin' Citrus Twist Zesty Cocktail with Ikoyi Chapmans

Today I am bringing to you a super fruity cocktail collaboration with Ikoyi Chapmans. Delicious, refreshing and utterly moreish, this drink has become a firm favourite of mine as it is thirst quenching, a true taste sensation and oh so sophisticated. You may have read my first collaboration feature with Ikoyi Chapmans where I mixed up a Sunset Paradise Cocktail (a truly fruity wonder!). You can check out that post here. Today's cocktail creation is none other than a splendid summer tropical fruit cocktail, as I have used a whole medley of different fruit to bring this tipple to life. Think peaches, lemons, limes and strawberries mixed together with fresh mint and crushed sugar and you're on the right lines! So if you're hosting a summer gathering with friends and family, planning a BBQ and want to show off your mixology prowess or just want to treat your other half to a classy drink with a delicious twist, then be sure to read on as this drink is guaranteed to put a zing in your step!...

If you didn't already know about Ikoyi Chapmans and their fabulous brand history, I'll tell you the story right now. This yummy drink, originating from West Africa is the vision of Mike and Garry Robinson. The journey to founding Ikoyi Chapmans started back in 1973 at The Ikoyi Club in Lagos, Nigeria. Their parents were based in West Africa for over thirty years and during the school holidays Mike and Garry would go to The Ikoyi Club to play squash, tennis, golf and swim. Perfect ways to spend the day I such a sunny climate. After these sports and all that exercise in the heat and humidity of West Africa, one of the Club barmen would mix the most amazing, refreshing, thirst-quenching drink that was popular with everyone. It had a unique taste like no other drink and to this day they have never tasted anything like it... until now! The Ikoyi Club name for this drink was Chapmans and this is what kick started the venture that is today the Ikoyi Chapmans brand!

Once back in the United Kingdom, Mike and Garry became professional squash players and they continued to mix and drink Chapmans as both a great thirst-quencher and a great social drink. After their years as professional squash players, they also discovered that it is a great cocktail mixer, blending particularly well with gin, vodka and Prosecco... truly versatile drink to enjoy. For many years now, their dream has been to produce this drink for everyone to enjoy, and now the reality of this dream has officially begun! Cheers to that!

"Sparkling citrus fruit drink with natural bitters. It is alcohol-free with the original taste that makes it so refreshing and unique." - Ikoyi Chapmans 

Makes one Summer Lovin' Citrus Twist Zesty Cocktail (double proportions to make for 2)
1 x 330ml bottle of Ikoyi Chapmans Original sparkling citrus fruit drink, chilled
2 x shots of vodka, gin, rum or alternatively mix 50/50 with Prosecco
3 x fresh strawberries sliced thinly and added to the glass
2 x slices of fresh zesty lemon
2 x slices of fresh lime (one slice for the glass as a garnish)
4 x thin slices of fresh peach (this is an amazing cocktail addition and really compliments the Ikoyi Chapmans drink)
a sprig of fresh, aromatic mint - leaves added to the glass
a handful of ice cubes (some of mine are heart shaped to be in keeping with the theme of course!)
Sugar to adorn the edge of the glass
How to mix up the Summer Lovin' Cocktail
1. To start with, begin by fully chilling your Ikoyi Chapmans drinks and making the ice cubes. This totally tropical and oh so fruity taste sensation is best served chilled (and enjoyed in the sunshine!).
2. Once the drinks are all chilled and ice cubes made, adorn the edge of the glass with sugar crystals and then gently place the ice and lemon and lime slices, strawberries, mint leaves and peach slices in to the glass.
3. Now pour on your spirit of choice or wine. I've opted for Prosecco here as it adds to the already present fizz of the Ikoyi Champans and also ensures that the drink isn't too strong, that way you can happily enjoy a few in the sunshine with friends! Honestly, this is such a delicious flavour that you're going to want at least 2 (okay maybe 3!...) if you're serving them up at a dinner party or summer gathering. It'll be the best cocktail you've tried! Check out the Ikoyi Chapmans website here.
4. Pour on the Ikoyi Chapmans Original citrus fruit drink and swirl with a cocktail mixer to make sure all of the elements are well combined to help the fruity mingling process. The flavour infusion will be a delight!
5. Serve up and enjoy! Mix up 2 and you can share the bliss with a friend or your other half.

Shop Ikoyi Chapmans Original sparkling orange citrus fruit drink with natural bitters online via their website here
Did you know: You can enjoy Ikoyi Chapmans as a mixer for a cocktail or as a stand alone drink! It's got an irresistible fizz that makes it the most grown up soft drink around!
Zingy and fresh

You can connect with Ikoyi Chapmans via their social media pages of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Have you tried Ikoyi Chapmans before? You can buy some Ikoyi Chapmans online here. Which fruits do you typically love in a cocktail? Let me know! Bilgi   x

This blog post is written in sponsorship with Ikoyi Chapmans. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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