Saturday 8 June 2019

Natural Summer Make-Up Using HIRO Cosmetics Vegan Make-Up Brushes

When it comes to make-up, there are a few things which are absolutely vital. 1) You have to use good quality products so that your skin is cared for and 2. You have to have the right tools to apply said products with. It makes the process of make-up so much easier, lends itself well to the creative process and ultimately, ensures that the end result is as flawless as it can possibly be. Today's beauty blog post is in collaboration with the wonderful HIRO Cosmetics and I will be testing out some of their VEGAN make-up brushes and creating a quick summer make-up look that's easy to apply and wear, and that will look effortlessly chic on holiday this summer. It doesn't have to take you hours and hours to get ready to look good and when you're on holiday, there's so much to see and do, there's not time to spend hours in front of the mirror to get ready each night! I'll tell you a bit about each brush, where to get them and how to create this look too. So let's jump right in to the post!...

- The Brush Selection - is this wonderful website where you can shop and buy a whole array of fab beauty products. It's super quick and easy to use and wow am I impressed with the quality of these absolutely GORGEOUS and 100% Vegan make-up brushes by HIRO Cosmetics. I adore them and honestly, they are such great quality and are so soft! (That's got to be the most important thing after them being cruelty-free).
These are the brushes which I have been using and some details about them:-
Fan Bronze Brush - Ever since I saw this style of brush, I have wanted one as, just look how fun it is! Perfect for applying both bronzer and highlighter for master precision, it prevents products being applied too heavily yet ensures that the product is exactly where it needs to be. And because highlighter is everyone's favourite part of make-up, this brush has just made it a whole lot more fun! Tip: It's also a dream to help you apply shimmers to your d├ęcolletage, arms, shoulders and legs on those super glam days and nights! Shop this brush online
Fan Bronze Brush - €19.90

Soft natural make-up with smoked out light brown eye shadows - perfect for summer evenings
Angled Blush Brush (1.40) - Until you try a range of brushes in different shapes, you don't know how much you need them in your life! The vegan Angled Blush Brush by Hiro Cosmetics is not only so soft, it gives your cheeks the perfect blend of colour when you apply loose Mineral Blush or Bronzer. It also allows precision application and blending of products so it has multi-dimensional use too!
Angled Eye Brush (2.20/1) - For the application of shadows over the eyelid, the brush actually has made that process effortless! It lets you layer, blend, shade, and define. Its slightly rounded edges perfectly apply shadow to the crease and corners of the eye too so it's ideal if you adore a sultry cat eye look like me. It's perfect for quick blending so is an everyday eye look's best friend. A holiday beauty tool staple which is coming away with me this summer! Shop this brush on AMAZINGY.COM
"3 in 1: The angled tip is shaped to work on the brow bone, over the lid, and under the orbital bone Turn it at an angle so it can create smaller or larger contours. As opposed to smudging in creases like other brushes, this brush sweeps colour with accuracy and can be used on all parts of the eye."
"Hiro brushes are animal-free and cruelty-free and the gentle fibres won't cause irritation.
Face Blender Brush - I saw this brush and not only did I know I needed to add it to my collection, I also knew that it would be a game changer as far as my make-up was concerned. Not only is it so fluffy yet compact enough to blend out powders for a flawless finish, it's also a perfect beauty tool for the summer when you're going for that bronzed golden look, as this brush and bronzer go hand in hand.
Face Blender Brush (1.60) - 32.95


Crease 'n Blend Brush (2.40) - If you are experimental with your eye shadows, then this brush is for you.  The long, fluffy bristles of this brush makes blending and contouring your eye shadow a piece of cake. Tip: Use this brush to soften dramatic edges and fine lines. Shop this brush online here.
 This look is super simple and really a few neutral warm tones will do the trick perfectly. Start with an all over lid shade in a mid brown and then begin to deepen the shades in the eyelid crease, ensuring that each is well blended and smoked out at the outer corners. Add some mid-brown shade to the lower lash line to draw the look together.  You can add some shimmer in a gold shade as well if you love a bit of glitz and glam. Add a thin line of cat eye eyeliner and black mascara to complete the look. 
The Multi Eye Pinsel (2.20) - This brush is perfect for adding definition to an eye look and adding precision to a smoky winged out eyeliner which is applied with deeper shadow shades. Shop this brush on AMAZINGY.COM here. 
Have you tried any of HIRO Cosmetic's vegan make-up brushes before and what kind of eye shadow looks do you tend to go for? What do you think of this soft glam make-up look? Let me know! Bilgi   x


This blog post is written in collaboration with HIRO Cosmetics and contains gifted products. All views remain honest and my own.

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