Wednesday 22 May 2019

An Authentic Taste of Thailand at Thaikhun

I love trying out honest, authentic cuisine in different restaurants. I always try to opt for dishes which I wouldn't typically cook for myself at home as it's just nice to sample something completely different and out of your 'culinary comfort zone', don't you think? Last week, I was kindly invited to Thaikhun to sample their shiny new menu and honestly it was a delicious experience. I love a kick of heat and rich, aromatic, yet 'clean', natural flavours so this was a big YES from me. Read on to find out more...
So as I was saying, Thaikhun have recently launched a new menu and it was packed with so much fab variety, you really are spoilt for choice! There are guiders on the spice level too so if you can't handle the heat, there's still lots of choice and it is all so flavourful. From traditional stir fries, curries and a super wide selection of side dishes like spring rolls, we 'ooooo-ed' over the menu for a while before making our final selections! For starters we got the vegetarian spring rolls which came with a delightful and lightly spiced sweet chilli dip (just the right 'hum' of heat) and some prawn crackers.

"Street food is a way of life in Thailand. We've taken our inspiration from the streets to transport the sights, smells and taste of Thailand to you." - Thaikhun
For our mains, I opted for the Massaman Curry (which is Thailand's number 1 curry! Honestly I can understand why, it was goooood!) which was made with coconut milk and coconut cream, potatoes, carrots and spring greens and some cashew nuts and topped with some crispy shallots. It was also served up with some gently steamed jasmine rice which has such a delicate flavour and aroma. This was honestly the best curry I have ever had when I have eaten at a restaurant and I would highly recommend trying it if you visit Thaikhun and fancy opting for the vegetarian menu. It was a medium level of heat which was perfect as it was hot enough for you to be like 'ooh spicy!' but not so hot that you feel like you need a pint of milk! 10/10 in my books!

One of my guests opted for the same as me (a wise choice!) and my other guest went for the vegetarian stir fry with tofu which they said was very nice indeed. A stir fry is always a good choice I think! If you aren't a spice lover, then this stir fry is the perfect option for you.

The décor in Thaikhun is amazing and you really feel transported to Thailand, it was that authentic.   


We had a wonderful dining experience and will be sure to go again when we are next in need of a truly authentic flavour sensation! Have you been to Thaikhun before? If not you can book your table and try it for yourself here. Let me know if you visit and what you think of the cuisine! Bilgi   x
We were kindly gifted this dining experience. All views remain honest and my own.


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