Friday 10 August 2018

Sugar Rose Splendor: Skincare Essentials from 'Evolve Organic Beauty'

Evolve Organic Beauty first caught my eye when reading about natural and organic beauty brands and products in a glossy magazine. It is clear that the beauty industry has taken a turn towards gentle skincare that is made from natural goodness and of course in turn is far more suitable for caring for sensitive and delicate skin. The smooth, gentle cleansing melt, which is for normal to dry complexion skin, is made from organic baobab and vanilla, as well as that super food, coconut oil or 'cocos nucifera' if we're being scientific about it! A product which can be used in addition to facial soap everyday, which can be really stripping of skin's moisture, this cleanser is simply used by massaging onto a dry face and neck. You then add some warm water which activates the natural sugar extract to form a light milk and rinse away. It leaves the skin feeling cleansed and nourished simultaneously and in fantastic balance!

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Super Food Properties
Baobab is well known for its amazing benefits on the skin.

Various parts of the Baobab tree have been consumed since ancient times for its extremely high concentration of calcium and Vitamin C. Baobab Oil also contains high levels of protein and Vitamin A.

The enriching Baobab oil nourishes, improves skin elasticity, helps to rejuvenate new skin cells and promote healing. Baobab is rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from free radical damage, and is therefore a great anti-ageing ingredient.

Vanilla has strong anti-oxidant properties whilst having a sweet and soothing aroma which is relaxing and calming.

The product looks like a translucent balm and is delightfully scented with all kinds of wonderful natural ingredients including vanilla, coconut, rose, sweet almond, orange fruit water. When I first smelled it, it reminded me of traditional rose Turkish delight!

I adore the apothecary style of the packaging as well, as it reflects the true, natural skin remedy which the product really is.

Have you tried any of Evolve Organic Beauty's skincare range before? What are your current go-to skincare products over the summer months? Bilgi  x
This post contains a PR sample from Evolve Organic Beauty. All views remain honest and my own.

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